Ben: Following is another lost post found in the depths of It was originally written almost 2 years, in August of 2014.



Dinner on the deck with fresh from the garden carrots and Swiss chard. Great fellowship, delicious food, loads of fun.

Layne, Elissa and Brody are currently visiting us in Houston for a couple of weeks.  As Layne is not the world’s biggest fan of competitive cooking shows, we watched one of the original Star Trek episodes last night.  In this case “watched” means, watched most of, but fast forwarded through the romantic interludes.

One of the girls (who will remain nameless for this part of the post), Brock and I were sitting at the kitchen table.  Part way into the episode, nameless girl was puzzling through something.  “Speck?  Spunk?, Dad – what is his name?”  As it turned out the name she was searching for was “Spock”.

A few minutes later Brock finished his meal and migrated to the couch.  This particular episode had the transporters malfunction and send the away teams simultaneously to a space ship in an alternative universe (the other universe of course, being an evil one).  This led to the Brock comment to Elissa “What, there are two Spunks in this episode?”

So, a couple of fun pictures that I found out on the Internet commemorating this particular Star Trek episode, one of which I doctored up in honor of Brock.

Picture of evil Spock

picture of good and evil Spunk

And on to the other set of Brockisms for yesterday evening.  The setting is that it is about 7:45 in the evening and the boys are hoping to go swimming with Layne.  Sadly, there are some dark clouds partly overhead, making loud noises.  We’ll pick up the conversation there.

Mom would not allow us to go swimming during a thunderstorm.  – Heidi

Mom is not always right – Brock

Yes, but she usually is – Dad

She usually is, but not always – Brock

Rather than moving away, the clouds moved in overhead, there was more light and noise and quite a bit of rain.  Nobody went swimming; Mom was right again.

I paid Mikaela and Heidi to wash the vehicles on Saturday as we are smack dab in the middle of pollen season here.  Apparently there is a drawback to having a nice shiny car, as our itinerant pheasant, Walter, all of a sudden noticed his reflection and presumably mistook it for another male pheasant.  I don’t know if he actually pecked the HHR or not (Mikaela thought so), but it got parked in the garage on Sunday.  Hopefully it will dirty up fast so as to escape being the target of Walter’s beak.



We got some pics of Brody from Layne and Elissa today–he turned one month old on Jan. 26!! 💜💙❤️




Getting ready for Salvador’s Painting and Remodeling to arrive 8 AM tomorrow morning to begin repairing our ceilings and walls.


We moved our living room furniture into the sitting area of the master bedroom:


Today was a perfect January day: clear skies, 73 degrees, and a slight breeze.







Nothing like holding a sleeping baby

Haven’t lost my touch? Managed to convince Munchkin to have a nap in my arms.

Danaya is in love!

Cool 20th birthday present: Get to know your new nephew.

Bonding time
Grandpa Ben and Munckin/Brody/Scooter have some quality time.

Uncles and Nephew

Uncle Davison and Uncle Brock have a turn. Love the hat, Great-Grandma Huber!!!

Unsuspecting Brody, or just Happy Brody?
Brody seems to be enjoying his first bath. 



All clean
Auntie Heidi
Auntie Daelynn

…he  is trying to answer a T/F question about whether or not the Wright Brothers’ first flight was 120 feet…and as you suggest some books to look at to find the answer, he pops off, “Just ask Siri.”

Ben took the day off on Friday. He took the Traverse in to get the A/C fixed (again), and we were prepping for a trip to SA on Saturday.

While heading out to run some errands, we spotted this regal fellow checking out the neighbors across the street.  

 Then he visited our place (kinda hard to see):


Managed to catch him flying to check out another neighbor’s place:


On Saturday, Ben, Heidi, Davison and I headed to San Antonio to do a Steeped Tea tasting and class at a friend’s home.

Brock stayed at his friend’s house (thanks, J!!), Danaya and Daelynn were working, and Mikaela is 2k miles away, so we had two of our eight kids with us.

At one point Ben turned to me and said, “We look like a NORMAL family!”


Walked the river with these fine folks.

Lovely scenery, if a little warm.


Love this covered stairway and the kids in it.

Forget that you read the title of this post.  You just went and re-read it didn’t you.  You do know that re-reading it will make it harder to forget, right?

Anyhow, in some remote country side area (like Lego-Kansas or somewhere), lives a simple Lego farmer with his old fashioned hay pitch fork.  He’s going about his business (feeding Lego-hay to Lego-farm-animals who can’t eat it and also don’t make a whole lot of Lego-manure) which given the parenthesised description is somewhat pointless (unlike his pitch fork).  Let’s call him “Farmer”.


unsuspecting Farmer
 Fortunately for Farmer his life is about to get more exciting because on the other side of some hills hovers this UFO.


Brock hovers the UFO
 What will happen when bland looking UFO meets sharp pitchfork?  Well that’s where the nifty UFO beam comes into play.


Brock activates the Beam
 I think the beam is supposed to pick up the farmer, but this is only Lego after all and it’s only a red light being activated by Brock pushing on that little green lever.  Still, I’m sure that Farmer is a little terrified about the red light surrounding him all of a sudden.  He might be a little surprised when he meets UFO Driver (I was thinking of calling him Alien, but it just doesn’t fit).
“Take me to your leader”
UFO Driver