Ben:  Elissa has been sending out monthly updates with pictures of Brody.  I don’t know if all six of you readers get those emails, but I thought it would be fun to cross-post them here.  (I have this dream of someday creating one or more coffee table type picture books based on the Huber family adventures as posted on, and Brody is definitely part of the adventure).  So, this post is based on Elissa’s email of February 27th.  I have two additional emails (the three and four month updates) that I’ll be posting here shortly as well.

So, here is Elissa’s writeup (she gave me permission to post pictures, but I forgot to ask about re-posting her text – Elissa, let me know if that is a problem).

So, yesterday Brody turned 2 months old. Today he is technically 9 weeks.. and continues to grow fast. We are getting out for more walks recently, as we pulled the stroller out of storage, and the weather is mild. He is smiling lots, and starting to “talk” more- making fun coo-ing and vowel-type sounds. He is also getting more consistent with sleeping through the night, and we moved him to his own room this week. Our own room now seems big and empty, but he seems to do well now having his own space.    – Elissa Huber

Picture of baby

Picture of sleeping baby with jedi t-shirt

Picture of cute baby in fuzzy sleeper IMG_20160226_111033 IMG_20160217_103352

Picture of bundled sleeping baby

picture of baby sucking his thumb IMG_20160227_124036


It’s not every Christmas you receive the gift of a grandchild’s  birth–and your first grandchild, at that!
Brodwin (pronounced with a long “o”), Brody for short,  was born on Dec. 26, 2015, at 3:55 AM, much to the joy (and relief!) of his mother, Elissa, and his father, Layne. Of course, his grandparents and aunts and uncles are pretty excited, too!


Tiny Brody, about 12 hours old, held by his maternal grandmother

Brody is beautiful (I knew he would be! 😉)! He is calm and alert, and looks intently at people and objects. He looks a lot like his parents, IMHO.


Those eyes…

Brody did have to spend  the night and next day in the neo-natal nursery due to a few issues, but seems to be doing well. He and his mom (and dad, who has been at the hospital most of the time) should be arriving home on the 28th.

It’s going to be ever so hard to leave for our return trip to Houston!!!


Can you see the bubbles Brody is blowing in his sleep? He made tiny squeaking noises, too!!

We are thankful for the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, for His death and resurrection, and the gift of forgiveness of sin and for victory over the ultimate consequence for sin–life instead of death.

This year, we are also grateful for the gift of our son’s son, and pray that he too will one day receive the gift of forgiveness of sins and the blessing of eternal life!

Good news everyone! Today the house purchase was finalized! Our possession date is October 1st, although we are hoping to get access earlier. All the main reno’s are done, but we will be looking for some help to do some painting (hint hint, siblings!).

Since some people have had problems accessing the pictures, I’ve added them here! I’ve added quick captions so you can understand what you are looking at a little better. (In no specific order:)


This is a small nook with a little light above it, to the right and behind the gas fireplace . . .


The gas fireplace works,  but the remote is pretty busted, but can be turned on manually. The wood top is classy, and the stone face is pretty cool.



The eating bar! I’m really excited that we have one of these, and that it’s so cool! The stone facing on it is really nice, and the counter top is an interesting wood that I haven’t seen again. You’ll see a close picture later. Also in this picture you can see the hardwood flooring; not laminate.


A full view of the kitchen! Love the location of the sink. Allows for washing the dishes without having to stare at neighbors, or the wall. All new appliances, and lots of storage space. Tile backsplash, and under cabinet lighting wraps it up.



Here you can see the right side of the kitchen, and how the open layout works. The counter top isn’t stone or marble, but is nice enough. The cabinets have a lot of drawers compared to doors. You can see the dishwasher at the end, as well as the pantry door. There is a fair amount of space in there, with a really pretty door. Also on the far side, just to the left of the pantry is a ‘coffee nook’. (Pictures farther down.)


There are currently tenants in the house, and they didn’t clean up very well, but here you can see the detail of the wood eating bar, along with the tiling along the wall.




The Coffee Nook! The same hardwood as the eating bar. Not a great view mind you, but still, light and good place to work, read and hang out.


The floor of the coffee nook. Detail of the tiling. This tile is in all the bathrooms and the kitchen.


Another funky little shelving area, on the opposite side of the dishwasher.


All of the bathrooms in the house are large. This is the half bath on the main floor!


The stairs up to the top floor. Nice carpets that they agreed to professionally cleaned.


The main upstairs bathroom. The home inspection revealed that there was moisture behind the tiles, but the sellers agreed to replace the tiling and the drywall behind it.


A nice bathtub.


The cabinets are nice and spacious, with lots of drawers and shelves.


The main bedroom. See previous comments regarding tenants.


Two big closets, and then the ensuite bathroom on the left.



The ensuite bathroom has a really cool shower made out of tile with multiple shower heads.


All the bathrooms were renovated at once, so have the same tile, sinks, and cabinetry.


The floor tiling. Needs a clean, but still super cool. No moisture behind these!


Downstairs, the laundry room. It has laundry room things in it.


The basement. Mostly just a big room. The floor is just painted concrete, but that’s ok. Needs a lot of plastering and cleanup, and a paint job. I’d also like to put in some new light fixtures. To the left, you can see the door to the storage/furnace room.


Our shared back yard. Big deck, then grass then bushes and trees. Behind that is a big green space/walkway/park area, so super private.


The external siding, brick, and deck.


That’s all for now folks! Our possession date is a long ways off still, but at least this gives you a taste of what it looks like.

Layne & Elissa

In case you have missed it on Facebook, or like some of you, don’t have Facebook at all, I’m excited to announce the start of something beautiful. . .

The NAME PENDING Show by Ty Hooge & Layne Huber!!!


What started off as a random idea on Saturday at G&G’s 50th Anniversary has become a (soon-to-be) world-wide viral phenomenon!

Also, there is a compition, with the person who comes up with the best name for the show gets to be included in an episode as a guest speaker!! Whoohoo!!

Including the topic of Courtship!!

You can listen to our pilot episode here: The NAME PENDING Show

Ok Huber Family! As we all know, our Huber heritage includes a large amount of lego, with many many many hours put in across multiple age groups.

But did you know where Lego came from? Or when it was invented?

August 2012 marked Lego’s 80th Anniversary, and to mark the date, they produced a short animated film telling the story of how Lego first came to be. I had not seen it before today, and I thought it might be a great little history lesson.

Well, I said I’d get these photos to you, and I’m afraid this was the soonest I could put them together.

Our new home is in Kingsland, SW:

Sorry for the mess! We are in the middle of some cleaning and moving. = )

Main room with wood burning fireplace
Main room with wood burning fireplace


Entryway + Mainroom
Main room, facing from the fireplace. We have two ceiling fans in our house, both recently upgraded and really nice.
Right side of kitchen with annoying microwave shelf poking into the front entryway closet.
Our laundry room! Fits nicely into the corner of our kitchen. Great to not have to share it tho. . .
The left side of our kitchen, with stove and fridge.
Our sink. It’s nice and big, and we also have a dishwasher that works really nicely.
Our bathroom! Probably my least favorite area of the house. Bummer painting job, and not a lot of room for storage, but the bathtub is AMAZING.
Little stairway up into the two bedrooms. The one on the right is my new office, and is a little smaller, the one on the left is going to be our bedroom I think.


So for those who are curious, here is the living room in Calgary after being converted to bachlorhood:


The left side of the living room: Our new media center, with awesome TV, TV stand, well utilized speakers, and xbox.


Right side of the living room, with our new lamps, and wall decorations.  The waterfall/Chinese lantern lamp has a real nice glow to it that keeps things feeling cozy.



Far right of the living room: Elissa and I found this great leather recliner for $15 at Salvation Army. It’s in great shape, with no tears, and the padding still nice and poofy.

And that’s what our living room looks like.