I’m not trying to draw attention away from baby Alex (who is really cute), but was perusing some old pictures and thought some people (like Elissa who we hadn’t met yet) might like to see some more pictures of Brock from way back when. ¬†Plus I need to get in the habit of posting on hubcrate.com again, so here’s some content.

Picture of Baby Brock

Picture of Baby BrockPicture of Baby Brock

On Christmas morning (after we opened stocking stuffers, but before we opened presents), we sang some songs, read a scripture passage and then did a wee bit of reminiscing about Christmas’ past. Here’s the video of the reminiscing part.

Hmm, according to my thesaurometer, I’ve already used up my quotient for the year for the word “reminisce”.

Grandma Dana’s comment about toothless Davison reminded me that I wanted to do a post with before and after pictures of Davison. Being impulsive, I decided to stretch it into a “find pictures of each of our kids taken during the timeframe between when their baby front teeth fled the scene and their adult front teeth arrived”. Although I spent way too much time going through old photos and digital images, I was not very successful. I had some “near misses” and we have some children who smile a lot but don’t show their teeth (I’m looking at you Danaya!). So, here is what I arrived at – only Davison and Daelynn, so I added in some of the older content that applied as well. In the picture of me (Ben), I am showing my teeth, but the timeframe is probably close to either losing them or having them in again. I was really hoping to find pics of Layne and Rett that matched, but fell short.

Also, I’m trying out a WordPress gallery feature. This particular one allows comments on each of the individual pictures, although I haven’t tried that out yet (maybe you can)… Also, the thumbnails are clickable if you want to switch into big picture mode.