I’ve been working on a new theme for the hubcrate.com site, and went looking for some sample content.  The second directory that I hit had a lot of great pictures taken back in 2009.  I don’t know who was taking pictures (usually it’s me), but it appears to be someone who was in cahoots with Daelynn.  I suspect Danaya or Rett neither of whom appeared in the pictures.

It’s been almost two weeks since we dropped Daelynn off at the airport as she jetted off to Calgary for three weeks.  Being a contrarian, or possibly better described as a photo-oddarian, I enjoy taking pictures of people taking picture of other people.  (If I end up getting a couple of the iPhone packing kids in on the act and positioned people correctly maybe we could get into recursive photo taking).

So without any further blather, her are some pics of the photo shoot at the airport.


It’s not every Christmas you receive the gift of a grandchild’s  birth–and your first grandchild, at that!
Brodwin (pronounced with a long “o”), Brody for short,  was born on Dec. 26, 2015, at 3:55 AM, much to the joy (and relief!) of his mother, Elissa, and his father, Layne. Of course, his grandparents and aunts and uncles are pretty excited, too!


Tiny Brody, about 12 hours old, held by his maternal grandmother

Brody is beautiful (I knew he would be! 😉)! He is calm and alert, and looks intently at people and objects. He looks a lot like his parents, IMHO.


Those eyes…

Brody did have to spend  the night and next day in the neo-natal nursery due to a few issues, but seems to be doing well. He and his mom (and dad, who has been at the hospital most of the time) should be arriving home on the 28th.

It’s going to be ever so hard to leave for our return trip to Houston!!!


Can you see the bubbles Brody is blowing in his sleep? He made tiny squeaking noises, too!!

We are thankful for the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, for His death and resurrection, and the gift of forgiveness of sin and for victory over the ultimate consequence for sin–life instead of death.

This year, we are also grateful for the gift of our son’s son, and pray that he too will one day receive the gift of forgiveness of sins and the blessing of eternal life!

I had one last post that I had wanted to get up on the site to complete the Kemah Boardwalk trip series.   Without a whole lot of explanation (other than that the ride Brock is on with-not-a-lot-of-other-riders is the “Jungle Bounce”) since you know the people, here is the last set of pictures.


On October 17th we celebrated Mikaela’s 13th birthday party. Yup, it’s official – she is now a teenager.

Here are a sampling of the better pictures taken at the event.

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I am way, way behind on my Hubcrate posts (I have a bunch to pull together including Mikaela’s birthday, some from the visit of Cam & Coralie Koch & family, and Brock’s birthday). But in the meantime, here are some pictures that I found on the camera.

Picture of Brock Huber in disguise
Picture of Davison Huber in disguise
Picture of Daelynn Huber in disguise

And with a bit of down-time with American Thanksgiving, I’ll try and get some of those other posts queued up.

One of the really popular locations at Grandpa and Grandma’s 50th anniversary celebration was the photo booth. The idea was pure genius. All manner of props and clothes were provided (although more accessories were available for the fairer sex) and pictures were taken of anyone willing to dress up and pose. It was a busy place all evening long.
Here are some of the pictures with Ben Huber family members in them. For those of you reading who aren’t part of the larger Huber family, the other posers in the pictures are all cousins. Without further introduction (or captioning as this latest version of WordPress for the iPad doesn’t do that easily, or I’m too lazy), here are the pictures to enjoy.










We are usually in way too much of a hurry to stop at Multnomah Falls on our trips down the Columbia River Gorge from Oregon to Alberta.

Thursday was no exception–but we stopped anyway…long enough to get the selfies to prove we were there and get our feet cooled in the creek.





Newberg, Oregon has a couple of really fun playgrounds. Following is a sequence of pictures that Lori took at one of them.

Picture of Heidi relaxing at the playground
Heidi Relaxes

Picture of Mikaela at the playground
Mikaela Contorts

Picture of Mikaela and Daelynn
Daelynn joins

Picture of kids on a park bench
Brock Tries

Picture of four kids on a park bench
Davison cheats