BG: Dealing Damage and Suffering Wounds

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If the attack is a success, it hits and the hit inflicts damage on the target. The damage inflicted by the attack is equal to the damage rating of the weapon plus the number of Success ☆ symbols left uncanceled. For example, if Tendaar fires a blaster pistol with damage 6 and hits his target with 1 uncanceled Success ☆ symbol, he deals 7 damage.
The target reduces the damage he or she suffers by his or her soak rating—a combination of the character’s natural toughness and the armor he or she is wearing. If a character’s soak rating reduces the damage to 0 or less, that character suffers no wounds. Otherwise, the character suffers wounds equal to any remaining damage. For instance, if Tendaar shoots a sentry for 7 damage, the sentry reduces that damage by his soak value of 3 and suffers 4 wounds.
When a character suffers wounds, that character’s controller marks them on his or her character sheet. The GM can use scratch paper for NPCs. When a character’s total number of wounds suffered exceeds his or her wound threshold, the character is defeated and knocked unconscious. That character suffers an immediate Critical Injury and remains unconscious until healed by another character. NPCs who are defeated normally die outright (or are incapacitated such that they pose no further threat to the PCs for the purposes of the game), unless the plot calls for them to survive.

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