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Minions are the nameless individuals that the PCs encounter and perhaps fight in droves in their adventures in the Star Wars universe. An individual minion is generally not an especially dangerous threat, as minions often have poor characteristic values, no skills, and low wound thresholds.
The GM may choose to use minions in groups, in which case several special rules apply. Minion groups are always composed of identical minions, and groups of minions can be much more dangerous than minions individually.

A group of minions acts together and behaves in most respects as a single character. All minions in the group take their turn at the same time, and they perform unified actions and/or maneuvers that reflect the group working as a unit to achieve their goals. An attack or ability that targets one minion in the group targets the entire group.

The minion group has a single wound threshold, shared by all members of the group. This wound threshold is equal to the sum of the wound thresholds of every member of the group. (For example, a group of 3 stormtroopers—each with a wound threshold of 5—has a wound threshold of 15.) Each time any member of the group suffers wounds, the wounds are applied to the group’s wound threshold. Individual members of the group are defeated one at a time, and one falls each time the total wounds suffered exceeds the wound threshold of an individual member of the group. For example, when the stormtrooper group passes 5 wounds, one stormtrooper is defeated. When the total wounds suffered exceeds 10, the second stormtrooper is defeated. When the total wounds suffered exceeds 15, the third and final stormtrooper is defeated.

If a minion group suffers a Critical Injury, it immediately suffers wounds equal to the wound threshold of one member of the group.

When minions perform checks, they use the characteristics of a single member of the group. If the check is a skill that is listed in the “Skills” section of the minion’s entry, then the group receives a bonus if there are two or more minions working together. For every minion in the group beyond the first, the group counts as having one rank in that skill. For example, a group of 3 stormtroopers counts as having 2 ranks in Ranged (Heavy) and rolls a dice pool of ♦♦♢ when making Ranged (Heavy) checks. The same group has no ranks of training in Piloting (because that skill is not on the list in the stormtrooper description) and would roll ♢♢♢ on Piloting checks no matter how many stormtroopers were part of the minion group.

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