Blaster Carbine

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Blaster carbines are small-framed versions of full blaster rifles designed for use by vehicle crews, shipboard security, special forces operatives, and anyone requiring the power of a rifle in a smaller, easier to use package. They are typically equipped with a number of weight-reducing and size-reducing features such as folding stocks, short barrels, lightened frames, and the like. These features make them easier to use in confined spaces such as ships’ corridors and inside buildings. Although they have the same level of stopping power as longer, bulkier rifles, they have a shorter range and are typically not as accurate due to their light weight and shortened barrel.
Models Include: BlasTech EE-3, BlasTech DC-15S, Baktoid Armor Workshop E5 Carbine.

Blaster CarbineRanged (Heavy)93Medium348505Stun Setting

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