Blaster Pistol

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The ubiquitous blaster pistol is the standard by which energy-based sidearms are measured throughout the galaxy. Blaster pistols come in a breathtaking array of styles, finishes, and configurations, from short-barreled belly guns used by back-alley killers to the sleek, efficient, deadly looking sidearms carried by the officers of the Imperial Navy. They are produced by a number of well-respected companies such as BlasTech and MerrSonn, and they are carried by everyone from farmers and nomadic traders to politicians and captains of industry. In general, blaster pistols have respectable range and stopping power, can penetrate most kinds of armor, and are versatile and reliable personal defense weapons.
Models Include: BlasTech DH-17. BlasTech SE-14c, Merr-Sonn Model 434

Blaster PistolRanged (Light)63Medium134004Stun Setting
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