Demolitions Tool Kit

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An essential part of any explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) trooper’s gear, this kit is small (roughly thirteen centimeters long closed) and constructed of nonreactive, nonconductive materials. When it is unfolded, myriad special tools designed for working with explosives are revealed. A typical version contains a pair of pliers, cutters for both stranded and fuse wire, a cap crimper, multiple cutting blades, an electrical crimper, and a blasting cap crimper. In addition, many of them feature extensions that function as small hammers, carbon scrapers, bit drivers, detonite punches, and various other demolitions-related implemets. While this item is not as comprehensive and effective as a full EOD tool kit, it still provides the essential tools needed to properly and safely work with explosive devices and compounds in a small and convenient package.

A demolitions tool kit counts as a tool kit for checks involving preparing, setting, or defusing explosives (see core p 198). When using it for these checks, the wielder may spend 4 Advantage to remove 1 Despair.

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