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Most clandestine Rebel operatives are relatively nondescript in both their looks and personality, which assists them in their work by making it difficult for others to remember them. Even so, these agents often use disguises to further obfuscate their looks and confound their enemies. Disguise kits are simple collections of makeup, wigs, hairpieces, prosthetic features, and chromatic iris alternators; some even contain programmable skinweave for altering fingerprints, and DNA cloaks to spoof advanced genetic scanners. In addition, disguise kits contain basic camouflage paints for use in various environments to help an agent blend more easily into the surroundings. Many companies produce disguise kits. The vast majority of kits are tailored for specific species rather than being “general” disguise kits. After all, a Mon Calamari infiltrator using a wig and makeup designed for a human will garner the opposite of the desired effect.
Models Include: LV Labs Flex-Mask Disguise System, Mehrak Corporation QuickChange Theatrical Makeup.

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