Gunnery (Agility)

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Many weapons are simply too large for a person to carry. In order to bring such a weapon to bear against an opponent, it may be mounted aboard a vehicle, hastily assembled where needed, or even built into a substantial defensive emplacement. Weapons of this sort might require a team to transport, assemble, and ultimately operate them.

Characters seldom gain experience with weapons of this magnitude outside of military training. Weapons of this caliber are also difficult to acquire for anything but government entities. Only the most dangerous worlds have natural predators that require a weapon of this power as a proportionate response. Gunnery applies to laser cannons and proton torpedoes mounted on starships. Larger mounted weapon systems liKe heavy laser turrets and ion cannons are also fired using this skill.

    • If a character is piloting a starhghter, the ship may have weapons that are mounted on it with a fixed orientation. Prior to making a Gunnery check, the pilot may need to maneuver the craft in order to achieve a firing solution.
    • Characters using Gunnery to fire turret-mounted weapons may need to hold their action until a pilot can maneuver the vehicle such that targets are within the weapon’s firing arc.
    • Complex targeting computers and automated weapons mounts are often used with large-scale weapons. Operating this equipment also falls under Gunnery.

Gunnery check difficulties are determined by the distance to the target or by relative silhouettes, depending on the weapon fired. The difficulty may be modified by maneuvers the character makes and specific combat situational modifiers as described in Chapter VI: Conflict and Combat

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