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The actions that a character takes are often performed in reaction to his knowledge about a situation. Players can never be expected to know as much about life in the game setting as the characters who have lived there. Knowledge skills serve to bridge this gap. They enable a player to make decisions about his character’s actions that are informed by what his character might know.

Success, Advantage, Triumph, Threat and Despair may be spent with similar results among the different Knowledge skills. Additional Success represent the character recalling information or completing research with remarkable haste, while Advantage may be spent to learn minor but possibly information about the subject. Triumph may be spent to learn relevant, beneficial information concerning the subject, perhaps an understanding of a beast’s particular weakness in the case of Knowledge (Xenology), or information concerning the familial strife between crime syndicates in the case of Knowledge (Underworld). Threat may be spent by the CM to allow him to omit a vital detail about the subject at hand, while Despair may be used to seed the character with misinformation and outright falsehood


Those worlds closest to the Galactic Core are generally considered to represent the pinnacle of galactic culture and civilization—especially by those who dwell within those systems. Cultural traditions vary substantially from system to system (and even between planets within a given system). A few notions are particularly common among the worlds of the Core, but even with those, there are distinct exceptions. Perfectly acceptable behavior on one planet may represent grossly disruptive manners on another, even within this culturally distinct region of the galaxy.

Many hyperlanes connect the Core Worlds with the other portions of the galaxy. Because of this, visitors from foreign worlds are far more common here than in many other places. The Core Worlds represent centers of trade and diplomacy that can connect planets in disparate portions of the galaxy.

    • If a character needs to identify a person’s planet of origin without asking, he may make a Core Worlds check. This allows him to recognize traits of accent, dress, and mannerisms that are associated with a particular world.
    • When interacting with someone from a Core World, a character might make a Core Worlds check to know what behaviors are considered necessary and polite, as opposed to ones that could be offensive.
    • Characters who specialize in the acquisition and delivery of goods can make a this check to identify which markets are the best places to sell or purchase a particular cargo. They may also recognize any worlds where such goods could be illegal.

The difficulty of a Core Worlds check is generally proportionate to the rarity of the information involved. Common knowledge about Coruscant, for example, is far easier to recall than an obscure fact about a minor moon.

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