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The actions that a character takes are often performed in reaction to his knowledge about a situation. Players can never be expected to know as much about life in the game setting as the characters who have lived there. Knowledge skills serve to bridge this gap. They enable a player to make decisions about his character’s actions that are informed by what his character might know.

Success, Advantage, Triumph, Threat and Despair may be spent with similar results among the different Knowledge skills. Additional Success represent the character recalling information or completing research with remarkable haste, while Advantage may be spent to learn minor but possibly information about the subject. Triumph may be spent to learn relevant, beneficial information concerning the subject, perhaps an understanding of a beast’s particular weakness in the case of Knowledge (Xenology), or information concerning the familial strife between crime syndicates in the case of Knowledge (Underworld). Threat may be spent by the CM to allow him to omit a vital detail about the subject at hand, while Despair may be used to seed the character with misinformation and outright falsehood


The Star Wars galaxy has been shaped for millennia by warfare. From the ancient conflicts that established the Galactic Republic to the Clone Wars mere decades ago, warfare has played a large part in the history and lives of beings throughout the galaxy. Now, as the Rebel Alliance engages in its desperate struggle against the Galactic Empire, characters with knowledge on the workings of war are more important than ever before.

This skill covers a character’s knowledge of conflict, both on the ground and in space. Many things factor into this, from training and insight on the strategies and tactics of modern warfare, to an awareness of the personnel and technology of the factions involved in the conflict, to knowledge gained from studying the other great wars throughout galactic history. Having a broad awareness of the workings and history of conflict allows a character to not only to survive, but to thrive in the Rebel Alliance.

    • A character’s knowledge of the strategies and tactics of warfare both on the ground and in space is represented by the Warfare skill.
    • Any time a character wants to remember details about a significant event, organization, or individual who played a role in a galactic struggle, he should make a Warfare check.

The difficulty of the Warfare check is based upon how hard it would be to acquire the information the character wishes to know. Classified, highly localized, or ancient information is obviously more obscure, while standardized structures and patterns that the character has encountered before are much easier to remember.

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