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Often described by Rebel operatives as “a medical frigate you can fit in your pocket,” a standard medpac is a larger and better-equipped version of the common emergency medpac. Carried by held medics and first responders, medpacs carry a full suite of surgical implements, a larger and more powerful mediscanner and diagnostic computer, advanced synth-nutrient replicators, spray splints, various basic medications, and antiradiation/anti-biological contamination drugs, in addition to the equipment found in the emergency versions.
Standard medpacs allow a user to perform relatively complex medical procedures in the held. Like emergency medpacs, standard medpacs allow a character to use the Medicine skill without penalty and in addition grant ◻ to all Medicine skill checks. Also, thanks to their stock of stim applicators, these medpacs grant a group of Rebels the equivalent of one stimpack per scene, at the Game Master’s discretion.
Models Include: Athakam MedTech First Responder, BioTech FastFlesh Medpac.

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