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Piloting (Space) (Agility)

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Those involved in the conflict between the stars often find the ability to pilot a starship paramount. Some use these craft as weapons of war, flying for the oppressive Empire or the desperate Rebel Alliance. Others use their vessels to transport equipment, soldiers, and persons of interest involved in this grand galactic conflict. Whether a crew is attempting to bring down enemy fighters or slip past a blockade undetected, their success or failure most often depends upon the person at the helm.

Routine actions—like taking off or landing without additional complications—do not require a Piloting (Space) check. When those actions are complicated by a blinding sandstorm, a failed motivator, or enemy fire, then skill checks come into play.

    • Whenever two or more spaceships race, a competitive Piloting (Space) check determines the results.
    • Chases, whether they are through asteroid belts, within a crowded battlefield, or skirting the edge of a gravimetric instability, are resolved with an opposed Piloting (Space) check.
    • During a space conflict, pilots may jockey for position to determine which shields face the enemy and which weapons may be brought to bear. When opponents attempt to negate these efforts, the winner is identified through an opposed Piloting (Space) check.

The difficulty of a Piloting (Space) check may be determined based upon the difficulty of the particular maneuver, any unusual navigational hazards, and any features or failures or the spacecraft involved.

Extra Success on a Piloting (Space) check allow the acting character to gain insights into the situation. Alternatively, the character might deduce a clever way that his vehicle could be modified so that it could be more effective in the future.

Advantage generated during a Piloting (Space) check may be spent to reveal a vulnerability in an opponent’s piloting style or vehicle, giving the character a benefit in later rounds of combat. A Triumph on a Piloting (Space) check may be used to let the character take an additional maneuver action while continuing to pilot a vehicle.

A GM may spend 2 Threat during a Piloting (Space) check to give opponents Boost on checks against the character and his vehicle to represent a momentary malfunction in one of the vehicle’s systems. Despair may be spent to deal actual damage to the vehicle, as the character strains systems throughout the vehicle during his check.

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