Soldier: Medic – Save the Team

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The Alliance cannot afford to fight a war of attrition the way the Empire can. The enemy can pour thousands of stormtroopers and other forces into a meat-grinder of a battle, taking horrific casualties, without blinking an eye over its losses. Every soldier of the Rebellion is, on the other hand, a valuable asset whose loss Alliance High Command feels keenly. The Medic serves to prevent as many of those losses as possible.

Medics go into the field with Knowledge (Xenology), Medicine. Resilience, and Vigilance as additional career skills; if this is the first specialization taken, two of these four begin with a free rank. Medics know how to keep their head when everyone else is panicking, and they know how to be prepared for any contingency. They are skilled at treating the wounds of anyone in their unit, regardless of species.

Many folks think Medics are inherent pacifists. While a Medic might prefer to save a life rather than take it, most realize the necessity of fighting and violence for a greater cause, and are more than ready to strike down an enemy in order to save a comrade. Medics tend to see no one as expendable, which can make them difficult to deal with when a commander wants to pull a team out of a situation and there’s a chance any of those on the deck could still be alive.

The vast majority of Alliance troopers greatly revere the Medics in their units, knowing these brave men and women are often the only thing standing in the way between them and death. Alliance Medics are famous for taking ridiculous risks in the middle of terrible battles just for the chance to save one more Rebellion fighter.

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