Step 3: Select a Species

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There’s a bunch of different species to choose from. Each species has differing characteristic leevels, starting XP levels, and special abilities. I’m not sure how weird and wonderful we want to get as a group, presumably it would be good to have at least one human – for those deception checks or to wear stormtrooper armor when available.

Let me know which species you are interested in, and I can post specifics on them. One word about droids – there are many models to choose from, you would not necessarily need to be a protocol droid if you chose the droid species.

The Age of Rebellion core rulebook provides the following 8 species to choose from:

Additional species available from other AoR (Age of Rebellion) sourcebooks:
Stay on Target (AoR Ace Sourcebook):

Cypers and Masks (AoR Spy Sourcebook):

Forged in Battle (AoR Soldier Sourcebook):

Fully Operational:

Strongholds of Resistance (AoR Alliance Worlds Sourcebook)

Additional species that are available from other non-AoR books that I have are as follows:
Edge of the Empire (EoE) Core rulebook:

Enter the Unknown (EoE Explorer Sourcebook):

Special Modifications (EoE Technician Sourcebook):

Suns of Fortune (Corellian Sector Sourcebook):

and one of the books has a Mandalorian Human (which species Davison is leaning towards):

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