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Stimpacks are small, single-use auto-injector systems containing a powerful cocktail of bacta, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and other medications designed for quick healing in the field. Stimpacks come in countless varieties tailored to the physiology of most known species, and are produced by most pharmaceutical corporations, especially Chiewab and Athakam. Using a stimpack requires one maneuver, which covers the simple act of a character using the autohypo on himself or one other person. This immediately heals 5 wounds. While a character can use multiple stimpacks, doing so is an act of diminishing returns, as every stimpack used after the first heals one fewer wound. A second stimpack heals 4 wounds, a third 3 wounds, and so on. Using a sixth stimpack in a single day has no further effect, as the character’s system is already so saturated with medications that additional stimpacks are useless (and could even cause harm at the Game Master’s discretion). Once used, the chemicals within a stimpack stay in a character’s system for one standard day, after which additional stimpacks have their full effect again.
Models Include: Numerous variants.

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