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Explosives and Ordnance

Frag GrenadeRanged (Light)84Short10505Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1
Armor-Piercing GrenadeRanged (Light)133Short101006Blast 4, Limited Ammo 1, Pierce 3
Stun GrenadeRanged (Light)8NAShort10754Disorient 3, Stun Damage, Blast 8, Limited Ammo 1

Melee Weapons

VibroswordMelee+22Engaged337505Defensive 1. Pierce 2. Vicious 1

Ranged Energy Weapons

Blaster CarbineRanged (Heavy)93Medium348505Stun Setting
Blaster Pistol Ranged (Light)63Medium134004Stun Setting
Heavy Blaster RIfleRanged (Heavy)103Long6415006Auto-fire,
Cumbersome 3
Multi-Goo GunRanged (Light)2NAShort212501Disorient 1, Ensnare 4, Knockdown.

Communications Equipment
Comlink (Handheld)2500
Comlink (Long Range) 20021
Drugs and Poisons
Synthetic Anesthetic (1 dose) 3504
Synthetic Neuroparalytic (1 dose) (R) 7506
Synthetic Neurotoxin (1 dose) (R) 5006
Cybernetic Enhancements and Replacement
Cybernetic Arms (Mod V and VI) 10,000-6
Cybernetic Brain Implant 10,000-6
Cybernetic Eyes 7,500-6
Cybernetic Legs (Mod II and III) 10,000-6
Cybernetic Weapon Implant 4,000-7
Cyberscanner Limb 4,000-7
Immune Implant 5,000-6
Implant Armor 7,500-6
Prosthetic Replacement (Limb) 2,000-4
Prosthetic Replacement (Organ) 1,000-4
Scanning and Surveillance Equipment
Electrobinoculars 25011
General Purpose Scanner 50023
Hand Scanner 10002
Macrobinoculars 7512
Scanner Goggles 15003
Surveillance Tagger (R) 17504
Medical Equipment
Bacta (Liter) 2011
Bacta (Tank) 4000121
Emergency Medpac 10011
Medpac 40022
Stimpack 2501
Synthskin/Synthflesh 10-1
Infiltration and Espionage Equipment>/b>
Advanced Flesh Camouflage Kit (R) 2,50027
Binders 2500
BlackOps Data Breaker (R) 1,00016
Com Jammer40043
Com Scrambler1,00043
Disguise Kit 10024
Electronic Lock Breaker (R) 1,00015
Personal Stealth Field (R) 20,00019
Restraining Bolt3500
Slicer Gear50024
Survival Gear
Breath Mask/Respirator2511
Crash Survival Kit 30052
Field Ration Packs500
Thermal Cloak 20021
Tools and Electronics
Climbing Gear 5012
Data pad7511
Demolitions Tool Kit40043
Emergency Repair Patch2501
Extra Reload2511
Fusion Cutter 17522
Fusion Lantern15022
Glow Rod1010
Military Field Manual2514
Pioneer Squad Tool Kit4000255
Tool Kit 35042
Load Bearing, Carrying, and Storage Equipment
Backpack 50500
Load-Bearing Gear1001003
Utility Belt25250

Explosive Compounds and Devices

Additional Damage is per additional charge beyond the first.
NameBase DamageAdditional DamageEncumPriceRarityBlast RadiusSpecial
Shaped Charge15+525004EngagedBreach 1, Vicious 1

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