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The last week and a bit have been mostly overcast and snowy here on the Calgary area.  I’m not complaining or anything and would gladly have that rather than hurricane Sandy.

So, to remember when the days were more sunny, here are a couple of pictures of little boys driving lawn tractors at the local Lowes store.

Davison goes green
Brock and Davison sidewalk farming

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. This set of pictures is from Mikaela’s birthday party with our family, which was held on her actual birthday, October 17th, when she turned 11.

image of Rett and Mikaela
Mikaela opens Rett’s gift
image of Mikaela, Heidi, and Daelynn
Heidi gets a hug from Mikaela
image of Mikaela blowing out candles
Mikaela and the candles, no boyfriends if I recall

In other news, Layne flew down to Oregon last Wednesday, and this coming Saturday is off to the bustling country of India for 2 weeks. He is travelling on behalf of Unreached Villages ( with Stan Avery. We’re hoping to have some posts here about his trip.

Mikaela had a bunch of friends over today for her birthday party. I was at work for most of the time, but arrived home in time for the pinata breaking. I didn’t take a picture of the homemade pinata (in the shape of a giant cupcake). But as a consolation, here’s a picture of Mikaela wearing the top of the pinata..

picture of Mikaela at birthday party
Mikaela, the party girl

While at an event the other day, Danaya, Daelynn, and I were playing around with a new app on my phone.  The app in question is called PicSay Pro and let you mess with your existing pictures – adding speech and thought bubbles as well as all manner of other silliness.

So, here’s some of our output…

Stooge Brock
Manchu Pippy Daelynn
Hippy Brock
Farmer Brock (with hippy Mikaela)
Jester Dad
Wizard Brock

So, no deep thoughts or inspirational stories, just some imagination.