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On Saturday, November 24th, Brock celebrated his 4th birthday. It was a bit of a crazy day, as Danaya and Daelynn had two major babysitting jobs (one morning-afternoon) and the other in the evening (getting home at 7:45 pm). Layne and Rett headed out the door at 6:30 to go to an event (home at midnight or later). Dad barbecued in the dark, which seems to be starting shortly after 5:00 pm these days, and Brock got a pretty good haul of presents.

Picture of Layne and Brock smiling
Smiley guys


Picture of Layne and Brock


picture of Lori smiling
Lori enjoys Brock’s birthday party


So not much word from Layne, so I thought that I would post something to let him know what he is missing here in Calgary.


So – Layne, you are missing the cold, lots of snow, slippery streets, um, did I mention the snow…


Layne has been having trouble finding a useable internet connection. But he called us last night (that would be Monday, Nov 5th) just before 9:00 pm, at which time it was just before 9:00 am in India. So, I’ll pass on the gist of the conversation. Layne and Stan arrived in Madurai on Sunday morning. One of the things that they did was go to the market (my guess is to buy some Indian style clothes for Layne). Layne related that it was very crowded and very high-pressure. I’m guessing that looking like a white tourist makes you a bit of a mark for merchants.

We only were able to talk for a couple of minutes, and then he had to run. Layne indicated that they were on their way to visit a village.

And that’s all I know – but thought that I would pass it on… Oh, the photo above is a stock photo of the Madurai market. I’m sure Layne will have plenty to post in time.

Photo credit: Squicker / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

So, here is the next post in the lawn tractors and boys series of pictures.  This photo session was hosted (without any consent) by Rona, a Canadian home and garden improvement store.

Davison on a green tractor
Brock on a white tractor