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On my way out the door yesterday morning, I noticed the following book that Mikaela had taken out of the library and need to be returned.


In a queer twist, my mind jumped to (not sure why, maybe because I have some growing daughters) what if the book was called “The Husband Selector”, with the subtitle of “How to choose the right husband for you.”.  What made this really funny (well sort-of funny anyway, well anyway the sort of funny that Brock and I would really laugh at) was the little blurbs around the edges, like “Noisy Dogs” and “Lively Dogs” that would be sort of funny translating to “Noisy Husbands” and “Lively Husbands”.

So, to spell out all of these translations, here is the list from bottom left clockwise around the book:

  • Noisy Husbands
  • Low-maintenance Husbands
  • Quiet Husbands
  • Small Husbands
  • Big Husbands
  • Lively Husbands
  • Lazy Husbands
  • Fluffy Husbands
  • High-Maintenance Husbands
  • and lots of other Husbands

So, there’s the list.  I’m going off to chortle about it with the little kids.











fun picture of Brock with paper hat
Brock wearing his Mailman hat

The picture above isn’t that great, but the other day Brock was wearing this cool ‘Mailman’ hat that he had made during one of his K4 lessons. Sort of a band of paper with a quirky fold in the front. I thought I would also share a couple of stories. The other night I was reading the book ‘The Black Stallion’ to the younger kids. The book was talking about the horse being in the winner’s circle and all sorts of flash bulbs going off. I spent a couple of minutes reminiscing about the cameras when I was a kid where you had to buy flash bulbs that mounted on the camera and burned out when you took the picture. I remember going to camp but not having any bulbs and trying to take pictures at the same time as my cousin did so there would be enough light. Didn’t work. What a waste those were.

And the story about Brock: he had been sick, but also generally has been not sleeping well at night. To avoid a repeat of the night before last (when he peed our bed), I had a mat beside his bed to lie down on. When he wandered in to our room in the middle of the night again, I ushered him to the bathroom and then back to his bed and laid down beside him. A while later, “Dad, can you get me a drink of water”. Dad: “oh, my legs are sleeping and I can’t move them”. Brock: “Move your legs and go get me a drink.” Dad moves his legs and gets Brock a half glass of water. Brock upon receiving said glass, “Is there ice in my water?”. Dad: “No”. Brock: “I want ice in my water.” Didn’t happen, apparently my legs were asleep again.