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Following are a bunch of pictures that I took at the reception.  Feel free to click on the pictures for a larger view and to comment or suggest alternate captions.  The reception was a lot of fun and Layne and Elissa made sure to get around to and chat with each of the tables.  Enjoy.

Layne and Elissa hired an official photographer for the wedding, and I’m sure that she has done an absolutely fabulous job.  But I’m not sure when she will be getting the pictures to Layne and Elissa, and then how long it will take Layne to get them posted.  So, here are some of the pictures that I took for you to enjoy in the meantime.  These pictures were all pre and post wedding, as there wasn’t any flash photography allowed during the ceremony.  You should be able to comment on individual pictures, if you have better caption ideas than what I came up with.

Being present at the wedding rehearsal (and having no role there other than walking my beautiful wife down the aisle), I took some pictures.  Here are the ones that turned out okay.

Layne and Elissa hired a photographer for the wedding, and she was there for the wedding and the reception.  But, I was there for the reception hall setup and the wedding rehearsal and took some pictures there.  Here are the better (note that I didn’t say outstanding or spectacularly awesome) pictures from the time on Friday afternoon (Oct 18th) setting up the reception hall.

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Well, I said I’d get these photos to you, and I’m afraid this was the soonest I could put them together.

Our new home is in Kingsland, SW:

Sorry for the mess! We are in the middle of some cleaning and moving. = )

Main room with wood burning fireplace
Main room with wood burning fireplace


Entryway + Mainroom
Main room, facing from the fireplace. We have two ceiling fans in our house, both recently upgraded and really nice.
Right side of kitchen with annoying microwave shelf poking into the front entryway closet.
Our laundry room! Fits nicely into the corner of our kitchen. Great to not have to share it tho. . .
The left side of our kitchen, with stove and fridge.
Our sink. It’s nice and big, and we also have a dishwasher that works really nicely.
Our bathroom! Probably my least favorite area of the house. Bummer painting job, and not a lot of room for storage, but the bathtub is AMAZING.
Little stairway up into the two bedrooms. The one on the right is my new office, and is a little smaller, the one on the left is going to be our bedroom I think.