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i spent the day today at a customer briefing day with Dell.  The day is ending at the Dell corporate suite at NRG Stadium watching two of the NCAA March Madness tournament.  The first game is UCLA vs Gonzaga; the second game being Duke vs Utah.

Some of us were here at the stadium at the rodeo a couple of weeks back.  It’s quite amazing the difference from the large dirt span back then to the court now.




Brock thought some creativity was in order at the Houston Health Museum.


Davison and Brock looking relaxed despite being inside a giant mouth.


Davison and Brock on the fence about whether this was a good spot to stop for a snack


The girls enjoyed the spot.


On the park train


Selfies with my (not so) little guys


The Amoeba Playground (our name)…


…in all it’s glory


 The chair swings were way too fun and comfy.



 Fam selfies.

Fun day!!









 Brock: “I’m just like a guy who works in a gift shop. I’m decorating gift wrap.”

Notice that the sticker on his back assures us that he is Organic, thanks to sister Mikaela’s apple.


      So fun doing lessons with this guy

  Heidi makes Dutch Babies for our lunch.


 You probably can’t see the cute little green frog in Brock’s net, but he is there.


  Davison enjoys a spring day


  Nighttime swimming









  Some backyard views

 Behind the rosemary plant is one of our new baby Meyer lemon trees.


 Our new baby pomegranate tree


  More babies: a blueberry bush, a lime tree, and a Meyer lemon tree


Our two baby peach trees

 And, sadly, our dead tree






Afternoon of the wildflowers







  Rainy days with friends and a crackling fire

Thanks for joining me as I roam through a few weeks of pics!

Spring is being quite fun this year (albeit pretty rainy).  In the picture the tree on the right is in our back yard, while the two farther to the left are in our neighbor’s yard.  I think the dark pink one is a peach tree.  I have no idea what the tree in our yard is, but it dropped a lot of leaves and pods into the pool over the past few months.

On this Saturday afternoon Mikeala and I were taking a walk in the next door park. We came upon huge patches of clover, and we kept seeing beautiful flowers and picking them until we had a bouquet full of wildflowers. We talked about how God can make such little details, and how thankful we are for them. 

One day when Layne and Elissa were visiting, around 3:00 Layne, Elissa, and I were sitting by the pool sketching while Layne was on his computer. I finally decided to sketch Layne although I knew it would turn out awful since I’m not the best at drawing so I began to sketch. Layne laughed when he saw it but hey, at least it captures the real Layne.

On the Friday before Valentine’s Day, we participated in a church sponsored progressive dinner for couples, being the final stop, serving desserts.  Being inspired by the photo booth at Grandpa and Grandma’s 50th anniversary party, we decided (the day before) to do something similar.  We happen to have a lot of dressup clothes for girls, ladies, Knights, monkeys, dogs and M&M’s – but not a lot of dressup clothes and props for grown men.  So we scrambled for props, and managed to come up with a few.  Meanwhile, Danaya and Daelynn were focused on making the desserts to serve our guests.  They baked up a wonderful set of desserts including cheesecake, creampuffs, a chocolate caramel flan, and something else I think.  We realized after that we missed taking a picture of the food layout.

Here are some pictures of our kids (with friends) taking advantage of the photo booth setup and props.