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Forget that you read the title of this post.  You just went and re-read it didn’t you.  You do know that re-reading it will make it harder to forget, right?

Anyhow, in some remote country side area (like Lego-Kansas or somewhere), lives a simple Lego farmer with his old fashioned hay pitch fork.  He’s going about his business (feeding Lego-hay to Lego-farm-animals who can’t eat it and also don’t make a whole lot of Lego-manure) which given the parenthesised description is somewhat pointless (unlike his pitch fork).  Let’s call him “Farmer”.


unsuspecting Farmer
 Fortunately for Farmer his life is about to get more exciting because on the other side of some hills hovers this UFO.


Brock hovers the UFO
 What will happen when bland looking UFO meets sharp pitchfork?  Well that’s where the nifty UFO beam comes into play.


Brock activates the Beam
 I think the beam is supposed to pick up the farmer, but this is only Lego after all and it’s only a red light being activated by Brock pushing on that little green lever.  Still, I’m sure that Farmer is a little terrified about the red light surrounding him all of a sudden.  He might be a little surprised when he meets UFO Driver (I was thinking of calling him Alien, but it just doesn’t fit).
“Take me to your leader”
UFO Driver

The next set for building was “Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter”.  We discovered that we had it by browsing a website showing all of the Lego sets by series and year.  It’s cockpit canopy was rather distinctive and matched.  Davison also recognized the blue and white wing patterns.


Davison builds another set
the starfighter on the Jedi landing dtrip
Kwy Gone Gin and R2D2 tested the ship out for us
 Plo Koon himself (pictured below) is nowhere to be found. If you bump into him anywhere tell him we have his ship ready for him.


the inestimable Jedi warrior Plo Koon
 Oh, also let him know that his orthodontist is looking for him as well…

Yesterday I (Davison) finished the arc fighter and I had supper.  Then I started building the Rebel Scout Speeder.  Since this small model didn’t have many pieces I thought I could build this one that evening.  So I started to gather pieces for it and in no time it was done.

Dad:  According to our sources, this is the only set which came with the nifty, not seemingly useful Rebel helmets.  So this was an easy one to pinpoint as a target set to build.


the apeeder traverses the dining room table
helmet man 2 has unwisely lost his chin strap
the removable turret – I need one of these on my car

Yup, another Lego set post, but I’ll try to liven it up with a bit of a story.  When we got the tub-o-Lego, there were a bunch of “assemblies”; that being parts of Lego sets that had not been entirely disassembled.  We set these aside both to assist in figuring out what we had and then to cut down on the number of pieces that we would have to find. This is the story of one of those assemblies and how it led to a particular set.

The assembly in question was this one, a little unique in that it had an unorthodox manner of narrowing from four wide down to 2 wide.  It also had a bit of a beak-like appearance.


the mysterious assembly
 A couple of evenings ago, while waiting for Brock and Davison to do their getting ready for bed tasks, I was looking through a library book on the vehicles of a Star Wars.  Something about the following picture looked familiar.


the familiar picture
 I called Davison over and he agreed and also pointed out the engines and the unique wings. Which also matched some of the other assemblies that we still had kicking around, pictured below.


othe matching assemblies
 Davison knocked this one out in about a day, helped somewhat by the assemblies mentioned above, also by the fact that there is less Lego in the tub.

the final product

Davison had to improvise with one of the cockpit covers
 I was surprised at how large this set ended up.

the top down view

Well in case you were wondering what’s been happening on the home front with Mom off in Oregon, one of the answers is “Lego”.  Davison continues his quest to keep building models from the Tub-O-Lego purchased at a garage sale a month or so ago.  So without much further verbiage, here are the pics of the Sith Infiltrator (which incidentally ended up being quite a bit bigger than we expected).


Davison and the Sith Infiltrator
the Sith Infiltrator and Davison
lots of hinges and hatches
a larger engine compartment than most Infiltrators

Heidi has recently been enjoying baking gluten free desserts, most often without any prompting.  This afternoon she cracked open a couple of cans of cherry pie filling and made a bunch of cherry pecan individual pies.  They were cooked just right and were delicious.


Able Baker Heidi
Cherry Pecan Pies

A couple of days ago Davison was leafing through the Lego Star Wars minifig book that we got with the tub-o-Lego.  He recognized the wings on the picture of a set associated with the General Grievous minifig.  Upon closer inspection, the cockpit cover and one of the missiles were familiar as well.  So Davidon proceeded to build the set.  Pretty much everything was present, except for General Grievous himself; uh, I’ve heard that he um, fell into shadows in uh, the planet Endor…

Here’s some pics:


Master Scrounger Davison
the foldout wing cannons

Good news everyone! Today the house purchase was finalized! Our possession date is October 1st, although we are hoping to get access earlier. All the main reno’s are done, but we will be looking for some help to do some painting (hint hint, siblings!).

Since some people have had problems accessing the pictures, I’ve added them here! I’ve added quick captions so you can understand what you are looking at a little better. (In no specific order:)


This is a small nook with a little light above it, to the right and behind the gas fireplace . . .


The gas fireplace works,  but the remote is pretty busted, but can be turned on manually. The wood top is classy, and the stone face is pretty cool.



The eating bar! I’m really excited that we have one of these, and that it’s so cool! The stone facing on it is really nice, and the counter top is an interesting wood that I haven’t seen again. You’ll see a close picture later. Also in this picture you can see the hardwood flooring; not laminate.


A full view of the kitchen! Love the location of the sink. Allows for washing the dishes without having to stare at neighbors, or the wall. All new appliances, and lots of storage space. Tile backsplash, and under cabinet lighting wraps it up.



Here you can see the right side of the kitchen, and how the open layout works. The counter top isn’t stone or marble, but is nice enough. The cabinets have a lot of drawers compared to doors. You can see the dishwasher at the end, as well as the pantry door. There is a fair amount of space in there, with a really pretty door. Also on the far side, just to the left of the pantry is a ‘coffee nook’. (Pictures farther down.)


There are currently tenants in the house, and they didn’t clean up very well, but here you can see the detail of the wood eating bar, along with the tiling along the wall.




The Coffee Nook! The same hardwood as the eating bar. Not a great view mind you, but still, light and good place to work, read and hang out.


The floor of the coffee nook. Detail of the tiling. This tile is in all the bathrooms and the kitchen.


Another funky little shelving area, on the opposite side of the dishwasher.


All of the bathrooms in the house are large. This is the half bath on the main floor!


The stairs up to the top floor. Nice carpets that they agreed to professionally cleaned.


The main upstairs bathroom. The home inspection revealed that there was moisture behind the tiles, but the sellers agreed to replace the tiling and the drywall behind it.


A nice bathtub.


The cabinets are nice and spacious, with lots of drawers and shelves.


The main bedroom. See previous comments regarding tenants.


Two big closets, and then the ensuite bathroom on the left.



The ensuite bathroom has a really cool shower made out of tile with multiple shower heads.


All the bathrooms were renovated at once, so have the same tile, sinks, and cabinetry.


The floor tiling. Needs a clean, but still super cool. No moisture behind these!


Downstairs, the laundry room. It has laundry room things in it.


The basement. Mostly just a big room. The floor is just painted concrete, but that’s ok. Needs a lot of plastering and cleanup, and a paint job. I’d also like to put in some new light fixtures. To the left, you can see the door to the storage/furnace room.


Our shared back yard. Big deck, then grass then bushes and trees. Behind that is a big green space/walkway/park area, so super private.


The external siding, brick, and deck.


That’s all for now folks! Our possession date is a long ways off still, but at least this gives you a taste of what it looks like.

Layne & Elissa