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…he  is trying to answer a T/F question about whether or not the Wright Brothers’ first flight was 120 feet…and as you suggest some books to look at to find the answer, he pops off, “Just ask Siri.”

Ben took the day off on Friday. He took the Traverse in to get the A/C fixed (again), and we were prepping for a trip to SA on Saturday.

While heading out to run some errands, we spotted this regal fellow checking out the neighbors across the street.  

 Then he visited our place (kinda hard to see):


Managed to catch him flying to check out another neighbor’s place:


On Saturday, Ben, Heidi, Davison and I headed to San Antonio to do a Steeped Tea tasting and class at a friend’s home.

Brock stayed at his friend’s house (thanks, J!!), Danaya and Daelynn were working, and Mikaela is 2k miles away, so we had two of our eight kids with us.

At one point Ben turned to me and said, “We look like a NORMAL family!”


Walked the river with these fine folks.

Lovely scenery, if a little warm.


Love this covered stairway and the kids in it.