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In our front yard flower bed, we had planted two watermelon plants – one from seed, the other from a bedding plant. We’ve only had a few watermelons show up, most (that would be qty of 3) of which went rotten when they were pretty small. However, one of the watermelons has grown to a reasonable size. On Saturday morning, Heidi and Mikaela picked it and stashed it in the fridge. We cut it up as part of our Sunday evening meal yesterday. Here are some pictures of The Watermelon.
The Unpicked Watermelon

Watermelon Still Life
Watermelon Still Life
Dad, Watermelon, Davison and Brock
Dad and Watermelon
Davison, Dad, Watermelon
Davison, Dad, Watermelon
Watermelon, Dad, and Brock
Watermelon, Dad, and Brock
The cut watermelon, not quite ripe apparently
The cut watermelon, not quite ripe apparently (who can tell with watermelons)  but still really good

I’ve previously shown some pictures of our yard and growing efforts. In this post, I’d like to show some pictures of the garden that my Dad and Mom put in at their campsite, on Marlin’s land near a private lake. If memory serves me correct, this particular patch of ground used to be a feedlot of sorts at one point, so there is lots of nutrients in the ground. That being said, it takes skill and hard work to make it into a garden – Mom and Dad Huber are master gardeners (and can correct my captions as I’m not sure they are entirely correct).

picture of garden
Nicely tilled soil

picture of potato plants
Potato plants
picture of rows of carrots
Rows of carrots
picture of squash plants
Some sort of squash
picture of graden
More squash plants (possibly, I may be mistaken).

Ben: Following is another lost post found in the depths of It was originally written almost 2 years, in August of 2014.



Dinner on the deck with fresh from the garden carrots and Swiss chard. Great fellowship, delicious food, loads of fun.

Ben:  Before reading Heidi’s post – a quick word of explanation… I’ve been fixing picture links in old posts, and came across this post which was written back in March 2015, but had not been published yet.  Even though it is a little dated (and predates Brody), we can still enjoy Heidi’s writing and pictures.

We were so excited that Layne and Elissa were coming to visit ( especially us kids to get a break from schoolwork) and it turned out to be a great time. Ar first we just had some relaxing family time, but then we went on a couple outings. First we went to the beach which was fun , but there was a festival so traffic was awful and because of this we came home sort of late. Then we went to the NASA space Center that was really fun. Layne and Elissa took each of us kids out for lunch to just talk about what’s going on in our lives, I don’t know about the other kids but I really enjoyed that special time and just being with them. Looking back I know God has given me the best family I could ask for.