This morning was garage sale morning in our housing subdivision.  We found out this morning that the Coles Crossing subdivision (subdivision might not be the precise term, maybe community) does not allow garage sales except for one day a year, which was today.  Even then, they are only allowed to run until 2:00 pm.  We live in a very unique culdesac where the families are pretty close, so it ended up being a joint garage sale for the five families.  We didn’t take a lot of stuff out, and even then didn’t sell a whole lot.  Danaya sold some cards and earrings to our neighbours, but the garage salers were interested in bargains and not crafts per se.

Brock spent fifty cents on the combat outfit pictured below, buying it from our next door neighbors after wearing the helment and toting the gun for an hour or so.

picture of Brock in comabt outfit
Master Chief Brock

At the end of the garage sale (everyone in our culdesac packed it in at 1:00 pm, as it was sprinkling a bit and there hadn’t been any traffic in a while), Brock scored big when our next door neighbors told us they would be happy if we relieved them of the following toys.  Brock and Mom obliged them.

Brock and his haul
Brock and his haul

And finally, while we are on the topic of Brock, I have a bit of a funny store about said lad to relate.  On Friday evening we were babysitting the six children of another family.  We have our new dining room table, but the chairs have not arrived yet.  So, as a result, people were sort of scattered around the dining room and kitchen areas.  After a while (about half way through the meal), Brock announced “My food hasn’t arrived yet.”  Poor lad, he had been sitting patiently un-noticed at the table, watching the other kids eat.



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