Right after we arrived at Space Center Houston we needed to find bathrooms. Right after the bathrooms, we saw the lineup for the tram ride, which was leaving in just a few minutes. So, we decided that it would be good to go for the tour.

Picture of crowd on the SCH tram
Getting ready for the tram ride
So, this is all 14 of us on the tram. We took up the front 3 rows of one of the cars. Prior to getting on the tram, we had to have our picture taken as a group for security reasons, possibly since we were going on a tour around the Johnson Space Center.

Picture of Dad in the picture
Tram selfie
Ben figures that he should be in on the picture as well.

Picture of kids on SCH tram
Happy campers on the tram
At this point everyone is pretty happy, once we go out into the wide open spaces, and the blowing cold everyone got pretty cold. Being used to Houston weather, I don’t think that any of us were dressed warmly enough.

Picture of Heidi and Kiersten
Heidi and Kiersten
At this point, you are probably wondering if this post is only pictures taken of people on the tram, while they are still happy because they aren’t cold yet. You’re right! More pictures coming up.

Picture of Kayli and Mikaela
Kayli and Mikaela
We (or rather I) hadn’t read the description of the tram tour, or understand that there were actually two different tours (we took the blue tour, but there was also a red tour available). This particular tour made two stops where everyone got off and went into a building for a tour. But those details will be part of future posts, so I won’t cover them now.

Picture of kids on SCH tram
The front row
Huber boys and face-making, I just don’t understand it. Also, did you see Danaya and Daelynn in the background taking a picture of themselves?



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