Ben:  Before reading Heidi’s post – a quick word of explanation… I’ve been fixing picture links in old posts, and came across this post which was written back in March 2015, but had not been published yet.  Even though it is a little dated (and predates Brody), we can still enjoy Heidi’s writing and pictures.

We were so excited that Layne and Elissa were coming to visit ( especially us kids to get a break from schoolwork) and it turned out to be a great time. Ar first we just had some relaxing family time, but then we went on a couple outings. First we went to the beach which was fun , but there was a festival so traffic was awful and because of this we came home sort of late. Then we went to the NASA space Center that was really fun. Layne and Elissa took each of us kids out for lunch to just talk about what’s going on in our lives, I don’t know about the other kids but I really enjoyed that special time and just being with them. Looking back I know God has given me the best family I could ask for.







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