We are having fun (and doing work) in the yard.  Here are some pictures that I took yesterday.


Picture of gladiola flowers
Gladiolas in the front yard
Picture of blooming rose bush
Front yard rosebush blooming profusely
Picture of orange rose
Our new climbing rose
picture of small peach tree on bloom
our smaller peach tree with lots of blooms
picture of Brock and pink rose bush
painting the roses … pink
picture of young grape cluster
The start of some grapes
picture of dark red rose
The cocoa red rose bush we planted last year
Picture of young pomegranate fruit
A baby pomegranate
Picture of bottlebrush flower
A bottlebrush flower
picture of climbing rose
The climbing rose that we planted last year; hoping it will grow more this year
picture of yellow flowers
Some, uh, yellow flowers


  1. Marigolds!! I think are the yellow flowers.. we are looking forward to seeing the gardens ourselves and showing Brody new things too!

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