Ben:  Elissa has been sending out monthly updates with pictures of Brody.  I don’t know if all six of you readers get those emails, but I thought it would be fun to cross-post them here.  (I have this dream of someday creating one or more coffee table type picture books based on the Huber family adventures as posted on, and Brody is definitely part of the adventure).  So, this post is based on Elissa’s email of February 27th.  I have two additional emails (the three and four month updates) that I’ll be posting here shortly as well.

So, here is Elissa’s writeup (she gave me permission to post pictures, but I forgot to ask about re-posting her text – Elissa, let me know if that is a problem).

So, yesterday Brody turned 2 months old. Today he is technically 9 weeks.. and continues to grow fast. We are getting out for more walks recently, as we pulled the stroller out of storage, and the weather is mild. He is smiling lots, and starting to “talk” more- making fun coo-ing and vowel-type sounds. He is also getting more consistent with sleeping through the night, and we moved him to his own room this week. Our own room now seems big and empty, but he seems to do well now having his own space.    – Elissa Huber

Picture of baby

Picture of sleeping baby with jedi t-shirt

Picture of cute baby in fuzzy sleeper IMG_20160226_111033 IMG_20160217_103352

Picture of bundled sleeping baby

picture of baby sucking his thumb IMG_20160227_124036



  1. Auntie Marta

    Love the Man of the House PJs way too cute :) Boy I see a lot of Davison in some of those pics and of Layne too.

    Elissa! We need to see some baby pics of you too :) I can see a lot of you in him too!!

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