Preamble 1: It’s been over a year since I posted anything on the site. In the meantime, I’ve posted on Instagram, but find that although it’s easy to post, it’s a bit constricting (particularly in telling the story around the pictures). So, I (Ben Huber) am likely going to post here and on Instragram (with a link to the corresponding hubcrate post).

Preamble 2: We recently returned from our big event of the year; the Sept 22nd wedding of Rett and Elselijn. (Sidenote, Rett now spells his name as Rhett, but I know him as Rett so will likely continue referring to him as such. Besides, there’s still a lot of people, including some of my nieces and nephews, who refer to me as Benje, a name I haven’t gone by for a long time). I’m going to do a series of posts about our experiences in Calgary in September 2018, preparing for and participating in Rett & Elselijn’s wedding.

In talking with R&E about wedding preparation, they indicated that one of the things they wanted to do at the wedding reception was a game of Musical Hats. This is similar to the game Musical Chairs, but done with hats. A number of people sit in a circle, each with a hat. One person loses their hat and the music starts. The person without a hat takes the hat from the person sitting in front of them. Then the next person without a hat needs to acquire one. On things go in a sedate (or not) fashion until the music stops, and the person without a hat leaves the game, taking their chair with them. Another hat is removed and the next round begins.

On one of our first days in Calgary, Davison and I volunteered to go on a hat buying trip. We were attempting to purchase 15 hats, each hopefully unique and unusual. Rett already had one hat that we were going to use (a red one that said “Make America Great Again”, you may have seen people wearing them), but there were a lot to buy. I was concerned that we’d be spending quite a bit of money and having troubles finding unique ones. We went to two thrift stores and in short order had purchased 18 hats (yes, we lost count). Here are pictures of three of the hat that we found. You’ll be seeing some additional ones in a future post.

Picture of Davison wearing a Fez
Davison wearing a Fez
picture of Heidi and Davison wearing hats
Heidi and Davison wearing hats
picture of Ben with a squid hat
Dad wearing the squid hat (which had LED lights in the eyes and around the rim).


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