On our second full day in Calgary, we went on a family trip out to Kananskis.  The day started off overcast and foggy, but cleared up somewhat by the time we made it into the mountains.  We each took a bunch of pictures.  This is the story of one of the pictures that I posted on Instagram.

One of the pictures that I took was of the Upper Kananaskis Lake, with Lori and some of the kids on the shoreline at the bottom of the picture.  Here is the picture in question.

Upper Kananskis Lake, original picture

Trying to do something slightly different, I cropped it into a short but wide picture.

Cropped picture


Unfortunately, when displaying it on Instagram it was readjusted to a standard picture format, cutting out the people on the edges of the picture.   Instagram has an associated app called LayOut which allows you to combine multiple pictures into one image.  My first attempt was to combine the footer (cropped image as above) with part of the original picture.  Here is the result.

I wasn’t quite happy with that picture, so I took a look at some of the other ones taken on the trip.  Here is the one that I ended up using.

I then cropped the mountain fog photo and dropped it into the top photo frame, resulting in the following picture.  It struck me that the resulting picture actually looked like one picture rather than a conglomerate of two different pictures.  Since most people likely use Instagram on a smartphone, they likely wouldn’t notice the really flat far lake shore, nor notice that the trees at the waters edge appear rather suddenly.  I decided to go ahead and post it.  I’m not sure that anyone noticed, not surprising given the large numbers of pictures on Instagram that people flip through on a regular basis.  Well, it makes an interesting hubcrate post, anyway.

picture of mountain and lakeshore
the final combined picture


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