We won our second game in April, in a very productive game.

Smith (Davison) reconned Europe (out of London), immediately connecting Paris to the grid. The additional European cities made available were Frankfurt, Moscow, and St Petersburg.

Just for fun, here’s the Recon Report:

We found Europe struggling as much as the rest of the world, but, surprisingly, there are some old military bases with functioning aircraft. We can adjust our supply centers to include a landing strip and the havens already have old runways we could put back in use. This could be tremendous in our efforts to get around an ever-growing grid.

As part of the European recon, a new action “Shuttle Flight” was added: “Move from any haven or supply center to any other haven or supply center on the grid.” This is a very useful action, as now have a permanent supply in Sao Paulo, and an additional haven in Weatherstone. Additionally, when the temporary supply centers are built during a game, they also can facilitate the Shuttle Flight action.

During this game, we were able to build a supply center in Los Angeles, thereby starting it’s recovery (as it increased one population at the end of the game due to the supply center). We also expended a production point at game end to move it up to a population of 2, out of the danger zone.

This isn’t in my notes, but I think it was earlier (probably February or March) where we were given a number (3?) of these cards to add to the deck. They are a nice little boost when making supplies.


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