Another picture from the Redwoods – Layne and Rett climbing on a monster tree trunk. I’m working on a Picasa web album for the Redwood trip – and it looks like the Pixlr-o-matic app (not sure I’ve mentioned it before) is able to pull directly from it.

Monday lunchtime post, with a couple of random pictures…

First up is Brock, enjoying a whipping-cream-beater, sans bib.  I’m not sure that life gets any better that that.  You’ll notice that we’ve applied flower stencils to everything in the house (including our children, their clothes, and their toes).  Actually that’s the Pixlr-o-Matic effect “pinecone”, which I didn’t really notice clearly until the picture was uploaded.


Also, please ignore any clutter in the background.  This is so abnormally unusual for our house that I’m not sure how to photo-edit it out of the picture for Lori’s sake.

And in other news, I’ve been working through a course on Google Picasa (and want to try integrating Picasa web albums with this site – but that’s a job for another day, week, or month).  Today, I spent some time messing around with the special effects portion (my speciality).

doctored picture of Ben and Lori
Google Picasa adds some context

Today (Friday, June 8th) was Lori’s birthday. I took the day off work, and we went last night to a hotel near Canmore. We spent the day together today – this picture was taken at the restaurant where we had lunch in Banff, and then headed for home.

picture of Ben & Lori, June 2012
Lori and Ben


I only have a couple of minutes to post before getting the little ones to bed, so I thought rather than blathering on about some remembered story, I would post some additional pictures of Heidi from the Redwoods trip…


picture of Heidi walking with Dad
Heidi walking with help


picture of Heidi smiling
A cheerful Heidi

I have a couple of other pics of Heidi as well, but am having problems with the memory allocation with the hosting company (, so the upload keeps crashing.

On our trip to the Redwoods back in 2004, the only large community in California that we visited was Crescent City.  Here’s a picture of Layne lugging Mikaela around at the playground we visited.

picture of Layne and Mikaela at playground
Layne & Mikalea at Crescent City playground

The one lingering memory that I have of Crescent City was how grimy it was, with lots of garbage around.  It was definitely a change from the Oregon communities that we were vacationing in.

And since you are wondering where the real scenery pictures are (since I took so many of them), here’s another one…

picture of road through the redwoods
Road meets Redwood


I’m lagging behind on my “redwoods trip posts” – as I was trying to troubleshoot something on the new theme, and we had a pretty busy weekend.  Sorry for the delay, all of you readers out there (about 3 as far as I can tell).

IIRC (standing for “If I Recall Correctly” – a phrase that I will probably be using more and more during the years remaining to me, as my brain cells die off or just turn off), I had purchased a new camera shortly before this particular vacation trip.  It was a Konica Minolta 4 MP camera, with 16x optical zoom, and some video capability as well.  I really liked my camera and took a lot of pictures on this particular redwood trip (ooh – look – there’s another redwood tree – I’d better stop and get a picture of it), while other family members grew rather jaded to the joys of picture taking.

test pic 2
look - another redwood tree - this one with a twisting bark pattern, gotta get a picture

So, I have quite a lot of pictures from the trip – a certain number of which I am going to post over the next few days.  I’ll try and keep it interesting.

picture of road through the redwoods
The twisty road through the redwoods

And that’s it for today, as it is suppertime.

We had lunch in northern California – I believe this was just on the outskirts of Crescent City (more on that later).  Sadly, this was the last time that we ever saw our large green lunchbag – shown being bumped off the bench by Daelynn.  Lori still rues the losing of it, as it was really handy.

picture of family at picnic table by the ocean
Lunchtime in northern California

I should probably make up some tag to include with each Rett picture where he is making faces.  Let me know if you come up with any good ideas for it.

Along on the redwoods trip with us was Grandma Dana; I’m sure she has some memories of the day (and will chip in with them).  Here is a picture of Lori and Grandma Dana, still at Humbug Mountain state park.

Picture of Lori and Grandma Dana on a bridge
Heidi, Lori, Layne, Grandma Dana, Daelynn and Mikaela

A couple of hours into the 2004 trip to the redwoods, we stopped at a park (the voice in my head is telling me it was something like “Humbug Mountain State Park”, but that could be not quite right).  I think we stopped for lunch and a bathroom break, and to wade in the stream.

Here is a picture of Dad and Heidi-girl…

picture of Heidi
Heidi getting some help walking