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As previously mentioned (and currently being experienced), Lori and the kids are in Oregon for a couple of weeks, while Dad is back at work living out of a cheap hotel. Lori sent me a bunch of pictures of the goings-on so I thought that I would post them here – with my best guesses about what is going on in the pictures. Those of you in the know can chime in and set me straight.

First up the pictures that were dated July 26th, which incidentally was Davison’s 8th birthday. I know that they visited a lavender farm and picked lavender, went to the county fair in Newberg, and some of the party went swimming. Here we go with the pictures:

The expedition to the lavender farm
The expedition to the lavender farm

The whole lavender-pickin' team!
The whole lavender-pickin’ team!

Auntie Marta and Brock discuss the economics of growing lavender.
Auntie Marta and Brock discuss the economics of growing lavender.

Brock goes crazy picking Lavender
Brock goes crazy picking Lavender
Davison and Brock with one of Davison's birthday presents in the background
Davison and Brock with one of Davison’s birthday presents in the background

Fun at the Newberg Fair
Fun at the Newberg Fair

Swamp water rules!
Swamp water rules!

Swimming at the hotel in Newberg
Swimming at the hotel in Newberg

It looks like fun was had by all.

It’s been quite a long time since I posted anything on  We’re currently on a bit of a road trip (we’ll try and post some pics and posts on that), and I ran out of room on the camera SD card.  In moving them off to one of the computers on the trip, I ran across some fun pictures that I thought that I would post.

So, here are a picture of Davison and of Brock taken by one of my children with my camera.  Enjoy!  It was a fun surprise to run across them.

Picture of Davison
Davison in black
picture of Brock
Brock the man

This morning was garage sale morning in our housing subdivision.  We found out this morning that the Coles Crossing subdivision (subdivision might not be the precise term, maybe community) does not allow garage sales except for one day a year, which was today.  Even then, they are only allowed to run until 2:00 pm.  We live in a very unique culdesac where the families are pretty close, so it ended up being a joint garage sale for the five families.  We didn’t take a lot of stuff out, and even then didn’t sell a whole lot.  Danaya sold some cards and earrings to our neighbours, but the garage salers were interested in bargains and not crafts per se.

Brock spent fifty cents on the combat outfit pictured below, buying it from our next door neighbors after wearing the helment and toting the gun for an hour or so.

picture of Brock in comabt outfit
Master Chief Brock

At the end of the garage sale (everyone in our culdesac packed it in at 1:00 pm, as it was sprinkling a bit and there hadn’t been any traffic in a while), Brock scored big when our next door neighbors told us they would be happy if we relieved them of the following toys.  Brock and Mom obliged them.

Brock and his haul
Brock and his haul

And finally, while we are on the topic of Brock, I have a bit of a funny store about said lad to relate.  On Friday evening we were babysitting the six children of another family.  We have our new dining room table, but the chairs have not arrived yet.  So, as a result, people were sort of scattered around the dining room and kitchen areas.  After a while (about half way through the meal), Brock announced “My food hasn’t arrived yet.”  Poor lad, he had been sitting patiently un-noticed at the table, watching the other kids eat.


Layne and Elissa hired an official photographer for the wedding, and I’m sure that she has done an absolutely fabulous job.  But I’m not sure when she will be getting the pictures to Layne and Elissa, and then how long it will take Layne to get them posted.  So, here are some of the pictures that I took for you to enjoy in the meantime.  These pictures were all pre and post wedding, as there wasn’t any flash photography allowed during the ceremony.  You should be able to comment on individual pictures, if you have better caption ideas than what I came up with.


The other day, we were gathering all our dirty clothes and linens to take to the laundromat.

Brock, with a contemplative look on his face, came and found me and asked, “Are we taking our laundry to the laundromat?”

“Yes, we are Sweetie,” I answered, “since we don’t have a washer and dryer, yet.”

He looked even more contemplative. “Are we taking our clothes to Calgary?”

This was a surprising question, as the only times we go to a laundromat are when we are on vacation, which is not usually in Calgary. ;)

But, I said, “Well, no, Honey. We’re going to a laundromat in Houston.”

Brock considered this last bit of news for a moment.

Then he looked up at me with a “light bulb” look in his eyes. “So there’s s laundromat in Calgary AND Houston?!”

I tried to reflect in my face the solemnity of the discovery.

“There’s a laundromat in EVERY city,” I informed him.

He looked at me a moment more, and then ran off to play.

Homeschooling in July. In Houston.

Here are some of Brock’s trip recollections when interviewed today by Lori.

picture of squinty-eyed Brock
the Brockster


“When you could see the top of the clouds.”

“I liked when the guys put the soup-cases in the box and they went down the factory thing.”

“I liked when we were going fast and landing. I liked to put my hands up in the air when it was bumpy.”

picture of Brock making a funny face
a never before seen form of making a funny face

During some turbulence, Brock put his hands up in the air as if he were on a roller coaster, and commanded, “Davison! Put your hands up in the air!”

When we were taking off from Dallas, Brock shouted, “Put your seatbelts on, everyone!”

When we were taxiing in to the Houston airport, The plane seemed to be revving noisily at one point. Brock loudly queried, “Are we taking off again?!”

Happily, he and Davison had no fear, just trust and enjoyment.

picture of Brock
looks like Brock is hitting his head on the ceiling, but he is not
fun picture of Brock with paper hat
Brock wearing his Mailman hat

The picture above isn’t that great, but the other day Brock was wearing this cool ‘Mailman’ hat that he had made during one of his K4 lessons. Sort of a band of paper with a quirky fold in the front. I thought I would also share a couple of stories. The other night I was reading the book ‘The Black Stallion’ to the younger kids. The book was talking about the horse being in the winner’s circle and all sorts of flash bulbs going off. I spent a couple of minutes reminiscing about the cameras when I was a kid where you had to buy flash bulbs that mounted on the camera and burned out when you took the picture. I remember going to camp but not having any bulbs and trying to take pictures at the same time as my cousin did so there would be enough light. Didn’t work. What a waste those were.

And the story about Brock: he had been sick, but also generally has been not sleeping well at night. To avoid a repeat of the night before last (when he peed our bed), I had a mat beside his bed to lie down on. When he wandered in to our room in the middle of the night again, I ushered him to the bathroom and then back to his bed and laid down beside him. A while later, “Dad, can you get me a drink of water”. Dad: “oh, my legs are sleeping and I can’t move them”. Brock: “Move your legs and go get me a drink.” Dad moves his legs and gets Brock a half glass of water. Brock upon receiving said glass, “Is there ice in my water?”. Dad: “No”. Brock: “I want ice in my water.” Didn’t happen, apparently my legs were asleep again.

On this Sunday afternoon, Danaya, Mikaela and myself played a game of Seafarers of9 Catan.  Despite starting out in a boxed-in position, Danaya rallied for the win, absolutely crushing us.  She won with 13 victory points to Mikaela’s 7 points and my (gulp) 5 points.  I forgot to take a picture of the board, but given my score that is just as well.

After we finished, Davison and Brock took over the map; playing their own version, which sort of ended up being something like ‘Fishing Armies of Catan’.  The used pieces from all of the Catan sets, plus a couple of our own additions (our hand carved mountain for the robber to hang out at as the desert seemed rather unpleasant, and some extra stone robber pieces).  I’m not sure who won, but the game was deserted to eat supper and watch a movie (Flushed Away).

picture of Catan game
Little Boys of Catan

On Saturday, November 24th, Brock celebrated his 4th birthday. It was a bit of a crazy day, as Danaya and Daelynn had two major babysitting jobs (one morning-afternoon) and the other in the evening (getting home at 7:45 pm). Layne and Rett headed out the door at 6:30 to go to an event (home at midnight or later). Dad barbecued in the dark, which seems to be starting shortly after 5:00 pm these days, and Brock got a pretty good haul of presents.

Picture of Layne and Brock smiling
Smiley guys


Picture of Layne and Brock


picture of Lori smiling
Lori enjoys Brock’s birthday party


So, here is the next post in the lawn tractors and boys series of pictures.  This photo session was hosted (without any consent) by Rona, a Canadian home and garden improvement store.

Davison on a green tractor
Brock on a white tractor