One of my purposes for the site is sharing family photos.  The majority of photos that have been taken were around special family events, and most of those seem to be when we are on vacation.  Possibly that is when Dad is out of his everyday routine, and more in picture-taking mode.

The next series of photos that I’ll post are dated September 2004, and were taken during a day trip down the Oregon coast into the California redwoods.  To kick things off, here’s a picture of the kids (less Heidi who was a young toddler at the time).  True to form, Rett can’t keep a straight face while there is a photo-op going on.

picture of Huber kids in front of redwood tree in 2004
Layne, Rett, Danaya, Daelynn, Mikaela in the Redwoods

We (the Ben Huber family, less the two older sons) spent the day on Sunday, May 27th at Cam & Coralie’s place, eating, fellow-shipping, playing board games, climbing on dirt piles, riding their quad.  Here’s some pictures (with of course, Pixlr-o-matic effects applied):

Heidi an Kiersten on the dirt hill
Heidi and Kierstin on the dirt mountain
picture of Ethan and Davison
Ethan and Davison having fun in the dirt
picture of Brock with Tonka truck
Brock and truck at the top of the dirt pile
picture of Huber girls on quad
Danaya, Mikaela, and Heidi on the quad
picture of Huber girls on quad
Off to the open fields

We got home really, really late, but a wonderful day was had by all.


While I was replacing an old faucet the other day, Brock was hanging around, and climbing on me. I ended up taking the faucet all apart, and ended up with ‘Mr Tap’. I don’t remember the conversations, but Brock and Mr Tap ended up having a couple of them…

Hurrah for Aunt Marta, as she has provided a whole bunch of additional pictures from the Dunebuggy day back in September 2004, including a couple of them with me in it (that’s not so much the hurrah part – as seeing some pics of it that I haven’t seen before).  So, here they are, along with a couple of interspersed remembrances.

picture of Danaya in dune buggy
Driving Lesson...

I had noticed this in one of the pictures earlier, but it wasn’t as obvious as it is in this one.  Danaya was a little too short to reach the gas and brake pedals, so the people who rented us the dune buggy also provided a thick piece of foam, which Danaya had behind her back.  This allowed her to operate the dune buggy reasonably comfortably.

picture of Danaya shielding eyes
Danaya driving, Dad on foot
picture of Danaya in dune buggy out on the dunes
Danaya on the dunes

From the parking lot, there was a sanded ramp up to the dunes (and on the way back, down from the sand dunes).  On the first run that Danaya and I did (I think the runs out onto the dunes and all the way to the beach probably lasted about 30 minutes or so), we were on our way back.  At the bottom of the ramp is a stop sign, where the ramp intersects with the road leading to the parking lot.   I was in the lead, and obediently stopped.  Danaya zoomed right by me out into the parking lot, being blissfully unaware of the stop sign.  Thankfully there wasn’t any traffic going by at the same time.

picture of Rett in dune buggy on beach
Rett on the beach
picture of Rett making faces
Rett on the beach, making faces
Ben on a quad
Ben going too fast for road conditions
picture of Lori in dune buggy
Lori's turn (at the end of the day)
picture of Dad and Daelynn on quad
Daelynn gets a (short) ride
picture of Dad and Mikaela on quad
Mikaela gets a parking lot ride
picture of Huber family after dunebuggy day
End of day, getting ready to shut down

Other recollections?  It was a really fun day.

Keeping with the current mini-theme of boys, rocks, and riverbanks – here is a picture of Davison from the oft-mentioned Carseland day trip.  This particular section had a dearth of thowable sized rocks – although Davison seemed to gravitate toward rocks at the upper end of his lifting/throwing range as they made much bigger splashes.

picture of Davison on the riverbank
Davison picking a path down the riverbank

Sorry, no poems today either…

picture of Brock at the riverbank

This morning I thought I would write a poem about little boys throwing rocks into the river, but I have some leaking faucets to replace.

This morning, I jotted down some ideas, but Mikaela and Daelynn really want me to help them build an outdoor cage for their guinea pigs.

This morning, I copied and pasted in a poem about little boys (but it was too trite and played on your emotions, much like this post) and I didn’t have time to write the poem that I really wanted to write (you didn’t know I was a poet, did you? – actually I’m not) because I have a van load of junk to haul to the dump.

Someday, when I am a Grandpa, I will take my son and grandson to the river, and while Uncle Brock supplies his nephew with an unending pile of rocks to throw into the river, I will sit in the shade and write a poem about little boys throwing rocks into the river, how they never tire of it, and how the river never tires of it either, supplying them with a seemingly endless supply of stones on its riverbank.

I think we’ve covered everyone who was driving dune buggies on said September day in 2004 (except for Ben, who surprisingly enough did not take any pictures of himself).  Here’s a picture of the youngest person there to don a helmet, Mikaela, who was having problems seeing out of the helmet, let alone over the dashboard.

picture of Mikaela steering dune buggy
Mikaela looking over the dashboard

I do have one more picture of Danaya that I want to post along with a couple of stories, but I’ll leave that one for tomorrow.

Daelynn was too young to drive the dune buggy.  Following is a picture of her posing in the dune buggy, but not going anywhere.  I love this picture of Daelynn (but not as much as I love Daelynn).

Picture of Daelynn in the dune buggy
Daelynn, wearing a too large helmet

Background:  We’re doing a flashback review from our family vacation in 2004.  (You can see the other entries by clicking on the Flashback category in the sidebar).  In particular, we’re focusing on one day where we rented a dunebuggy and an ATV quad for a day.

Lori had done a wonderful job of looking after the little ones (I guess this would have just been Daelynn and Mikaela at the time), and at the end of the day she and I took a spin on the two vehicles.  The picture below is one taken of Lori out on the beach, getting toward sunset; this might have been the last run of the day (although now that I look at the picture it doesn’t look very sunsetty – don’t worry I checked and that is a real word now that I’ve added it to my Spellcheck dictionary).

picture of Lori in a dune buggy on the beach
Lori (and Ben) at the beach


This is a Davison story from a couple of weeks ago. Davison spent some time making this sign that could quickly and easily (but not comfortably) be hung around someone’s neck; the primary recipient thus far being Mom. I don’t think you can see it on this picture taken with my phone, but the sign said on large capital letters “ORIT”.

Davison had made the sign, along with a couple of paper strips that were taped on. He then hung it around Lori’s neck and then brought out his list of requests.

At this point it would behoove us to understand the meaning of the sign. In order to do so, you need to look at the sign (ORIT), and sound it out – with the ‘O’ making more of an ‘ah’ sound and the ‘I’ being a long i.