This story as told by Danaya, having occurred today.
At one point Brock had been in the backyard, but was now at the back door ringing the doorbell repeatedly (this being somewhat of a common occurrence with Brock lately).
Danaya opened the door and asked Brock, “Why don’t you use the sliding door on the deck?”
Brock looked at her as if she just didn’t get it and responded, “Because it doesn’t have a doorbell.”


Another picture from our Carseland trip a couple of weeks back.

Another set of filters on Pixlr-o-matic on my phone:

  • Effect:  Gadelf, which is providing the primary changes to the picture, both the background texture, the darkening, and the ribbon across the middle with different photo elements.
  • Overlay: Scrub.  I’m not quite sure what it is adding to the picture
  • Frame:  Sexton, providing sort of an uneven frame.

This was accomplished by hitting the random button within Pixlr…

Oh, and the people in the picture… from right to left are Daelynn, Danaya, Mikaela, Heidi, and sitting behind Heidi is Lori.


April 21st family trip to the Carseland park. Daelynn enjoyed reading while others (primarily Brock and Davison) threw rocks into the river.


I’ve been playing around with an app on my phone called Pixlr-o-matic (bought at a discount when Google had a promotion on). It allows you to apply three layers simultaneously – a color effect, a unique overlay and a distinctive border. Additionally there are a lot of effect packs available for downloading as part of the app (I didn’t count but there’s definitely close to a couple hundred on each category, possibly more).

It is quite the impressive little app, although nowhere near as impressive as the Davison chap.