Brody 3 month pictures date back to an email from Elissa on March 27th.  I’ve scaled the size of these pictures back to speed up page loading; but if you want a larger copy to print, let me know (or Layne and Elisssa) and we’ll see what we can do.  My favorite picture here has to be the owl hat, although the bowtie shirt runs a close second.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter day!
Thought a few Brody pictures were needed to send out again… He just turned 3 months old yesterday. Last week, while he was lying on a blanket on the living room floor, he pushed himself with his arms, and with some effort, then pushed himself over his left side onto his back. It was pretty exciting to witness (I, mom was there). We learned he is also ticklish, so it is fun trying to make him laugh and squeal with delight at times. It is crazy how fast he is growing, he is now about 13.5lbs, and wearing 3-6mo clothing.

We are super thankful this Easter, hope you all celebrated well.
Layne, Elissa & Brody

IMG_20160327_145048-2 IMG_20160319_150611 IMG_20160326_193319 IMG_20160319_084748 IMG_20160321_210049 IMG_20160318_174145 IMG_20160311_162154 IMG_20160305_101503 IMG_20160301_120414

It was a busy week at the Houston Huber Household.  Probably most important was that I completed the green card process, getting my permanent work authorization for the States.  No pictures to show of that.  In other news…

At a local Barnes & Noble store, I picked up a ‘build your own gliders’ kit (from their half price table).  After some tweaks to the tail ailerons, it flew pretty well even though it was sort of windy.

picture of lad throwing toy glider
Davison with the glider
picture of boy with toy glider
Brock with the glider
picture of girl and pet dog
the requisite Bilbo picture

Flowers and Fruits

picture of young grape bunch
next step in grape development
picture of mature pomegranate flower
mature pomegranate flower
picture of young pomegranate fruit
pomegranate fruit (really small)
picture of a rose flower
picture of a rose bud
picture of a rose
picture of cocoa red roses
picture of strawberries on countertop
strawberry harvest
picture of growing green tomatoea
picture of orange daylilies
yots of yilies

Flood Aftermath

Danaya and I took an alternate route to the chiropractor on Wednesday, driving through one of the communities that has been hit hard by the flood.  There were a lot of houses in this community with piles of debris (drywall, carpet, etc) out front.  I drove through again this morning, and a lot of it had been cleaned up already.  There were some streets that were still in cleanup mode.

Zach Winters house concert

On Thursday night, I drove Danaya and Daelynn to a house concert featuring a musician from Oklahoma named Zach Winters.  It was held in a large very soggy backyard (like step on the grass and sink into a couple of inches of water) and was a whole lot of fun.

picture of back yard concert
Danaya and Daelynn find a dry place to sit
picture of Zach Winters in concert
Zach Winters in concert
picture of Daelynn and Danaya with Zach Winters
Daelynn, Zach, and Danaya
picture of filament light bulb
One of the filament bulbs at the concert

Ben:  Elissa has been sending out monthly updates with pictures of Brody.  I don’t know if all six of you readers get those emails, but I thought it would be fun to cross-post them here.  (I have this dream of someday creating one or more coffee table type picture books based on the Huber family adventures as posted on, and Brody is definitely part of the adventure).  So, this post is based on Elissa’s email of February 27th.  I have two additional emails (the three and four month updates) that I’ll be posting here shortly as well.

So, here is Elissa’s writeup (she gave me permission to post pictures, but I forgot to ask about re-posting her text – Elissa, let me know if that is a problem).

So, yesterday Brody turned 2 months old. Today he is technically 9 weeks.. and continues to grow fast. We are getting out for more walks recently, as we pulled the stroller out of storage, and the weather is mild. He is smiling lots, and starting to “talk” more- making fun coo-ing and vowel-type sounds. He is also getting more consistent with sleeping through the night, and we moved him to his own room this week. Our own room now seems big and empty, but he seems to do well now having his own space.    – Elissa Huber

Picture of baby

Picture of sleeping baby with jedi t-shirt

Picture of cute baby in fuzzy sleeper IMG_20160226_111033 IMG_20160217_103352

Picture of bundled sleeping baby

picture of baby sucking his thumb IMG_20160227_124036


On Sunday night, we were awoken by a major storm that dumped a lot of water overnight.  There was lightning and thunder all night long, some of it amazingly close and loud.  All of us received periodic public announcements to our cell phones providing tornado and flash flood warnings.  Both Mikaela and Heidi have old cellphones which are no longer in service, but apparently are still eligible for public service announcements.  At 2:00 am, I had a worried set of kids (Mikaela, Heidi, and Brock) and a distressed dog in the living room.  The detention pond was pretty much full at 6:00 am (see following picture), but by 8:00 am was down quite a bit already.

dark picture of pond
6:00 am picture of the park and detention pond
picture of green space
The view of the park and detention pond 5 days later
picture of water in atreet
the cul-de-sac underwater

At our place, we got (received, experienced, were deluged by) 15 inches of rain as measured by one of our garbage cans.
picture of rain filled garbage can
15″ overnight

 Work was closed on Monday, but for us the rest of the week was normal.  About a mile or two north of us is Cypress Creek.  It crested a couple of inches short of the all time measured high water mark, something like 127 feet above normal levels.  It closed major roads in our area for 3 to 4 days but didn’t really impact us.

In other news, 

picture of pomegranate blossom
further progression of the pomegranate blossoms
picture of tawny daylily
Tawny Daylily
picture of Gardenia flower
picture of strawberries ripening
picture of unripe blackberries
blackberries ripening
picture of pecan blossom
pecan tree blossom
picture of bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
picture of rainbow pinks
Rainbow Pinks

And in another news, Lori and Bilbo had a big altercation this week.  Bilbo is now undergoing obedience and submission training.

Pomegranate Blossoms

I had to return my Pomegranate Orchard Otharized Professional badge, as the pictures that I posted last week labeled ‘baby pomegranate’ actually turned out to be the pomegranate bud and flower as shown by the following two pictures.  I guess that the fruit comes after the pollination process.


Painting The Roses

Although I had captioned a picture last week about painting the roses (referring of course to the Alice in Wonderland movie), it was all in jest.  However, one (and only one) of the roses actually is mostly red and part pink, looking indeed like it had been partially painted.

Baker Davison

Davison made a dessert this week called a ‘pavlova’.  It consisted of a meringue crust, whipped cream and sliced fresh fruit.  It was delicious and allowed Davison and Brock to stay up past their bedtime as it took an extra long time to cook. 

 Mentor/Mentee Meet the Family event

For the past 1.5 years as part of a work-sanctioned give-back-to-the-community program, I have been mentoring a middle school student.  This consists of meeting once a week during a lunch hour for 30 minutes.

This past week, Lori and I went to a dinner and speaker event and had a chance to meet my mentee’s family.   Mentor (sitting) and mentee (standing) in the picture. 
Some additional yard pictures


picture of rose flower

picture of daylily flower
picture of wild garlic flower
Wild Garlic
picture of zucchini blossom
zucchini blossom
picture of blackberry blossoms
Blackberry blossoms
picture of tropical  flower
Tropical Milkweed
and last and least…


It’s been almost two weeks since we dropped Daelynn off at the airport as she jetted off to Calgary for three weeks.  Being a contrarian, or possibly better described as a photo-oddarian, I enjoy taking pictures of people taking picture of other people.  (If I end up getting a couple of the iPhone packing kids in on the act and positioned people correctly maybe we could get into recursive photo taking).

So without any further blather, her are some pics of the photo shoot at the airport.


We are having fun (and doing work) in the yard.  Here are some pictures that I took yesterday.


Picture of gladiola flowers
Gladiolas in the front yard
Picture of blooming rose bush
Front yard rosebush blooming profusely
Picture of orange rose
Our new climbing rose
picture of small peach tree on bloom
our smaller peach tree with lots of blooms
picture of Brock and pink rose bush
painting the roses … pink
picture of young grape cluster
The start of some grapes
picture of dark red rose
The cocoa red rose bush we planted last year
Picture of young pomegranate fruit
A baby pomegranate
Picture of bottlebrush flower
A bottlebrush flower
picture of climbing rose
The climbing rose that we planted last year; hoping it will grow more this year
picture of yellow flowers
Some, uh, yellow flowers

I forget the full name of our dog.  I do know that both “Bilbo” and “Fergus”are both part of it, and that he is usually referred to as Bilbo or Bo.

He is pretty laid back and so far hasn’t learned or been taught many tricks.  He must be an old dog.   

A couple of weeks ago the lawn grass appeared to come to life within a couple of days, which of course means it is Yardwork Time.  There has been lots to do .  I’ve had two long weekends in a row.

I hope to do some more posts about the things we’ve planted, but thought I would post some of the pictures that I took around the yard today.


picture of rose
Rose about to bloom


picture of rose
Rose flower


picture of rose
Pink Rose


picture of Hibiscus flower
Hibiscus flowers


picture of peach blossom
Blossoms on the peach tree


After supper tonight, Danaya and I sat down to play a game of Martian Rails.  It is a game in the crayon rails series, but is set on the planet Mars.  This post is more for Ben’s family who owns a wide variety of such games.  Crayon rails games are games where you build your rail network by drawing on the map with your particular color of crayon (mine is usually orange), and then pickup and deliver loads round the map.  Track costs money (especially on Mars), so you typically start with a small layout and then grow it as the money is earned. 

In tonight’s game, we were about a third of the way through when your track covered about half the map, and money earned was spent just as quickly on track and train upgrades.  Danaya had sixty million in hand, but I had just lined up my next three runs based in the cards in hand, had built the necessary track extensions, and was out of money.  I had a load of tourists on board headed for Syrtis Major and had just stopped at Pax Grove for a load of UN peacekeepers (to run down south to Isher for a big payout).  Here were my three load cards, track built, and about 120 million in income awaiting.

Then it happened.  Danaya delivered a load and in drawing her replacement card, she drew 3 event cards.  The first card, Earthlings, Go Home lost me my load of tourists.  I counted it out and figured that it had set me back about 3 and a half turns; both Danaya and I had already upgraded to the 16 milepost locomotives already.

Then Danaya read the second card, Green Mars North, which flooded a bunch of the northern canals wiping out 4 of my bridges in the process.  The bridges cost 2 million each to rebuild, but I was living in the edge and had spent my money on the tracks that I needed (some of which was for a number of turns down the road).

So there I was, broke and stuck on a section of track that only connected three cities, having no tourists, and no money for bridge repairs.  After a good laugh, I conceded the game.  Danaya won with 60 million in cash having connected to only three of the major cities, and having already circumnavigated the planet with her track.