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A subset of the Huber family spent a big chunk of the day today at a dog show (technically Alberta Kennel Club’s “Summer Classic”). Mikaela (who would dearly love to have a dog) had been doing some major lobbying to have some of us attend it. So, Ben & Lori, Mikaela, Heidi, Davison, and Brock loaded up and headed out for a big chunk of the day. The Summer Classic was held at Spruce Meadows, a beautiful horse show jumping facility at the south end of Calgary.

So, the above picture is Davison and Brock, posing in front of one of the show rings (there was about 20 of them).

The following picture of Mikaela holding my camera gives a clue as to what she spent a big part of her day doing. I’m hoping that she will post some of her dog photos here on Hubcrate.

On Sunday afternoon (July 29th), we celebrated Davison’s 6th birthday. Grandma & Grandpa Huber attended. Cam & Coralie and their family were also able to attend. A fun time was had by all.

Part of the party fun was the breaking of the piñata, by means of blindfolded kids whacking it with a stick. Davison got to go first, and everyone had a chance to hit it before it broke on Davison’s second turn.
Brock on the other hand got to hit it without a blindfold.


Brock and Mikalea a recipe did make,

Rhubarb-apple-nut muffins to bake.

Alas, twas not a snitchers delight,

The ratio of mix to soda not right.


Eating the muffins was not such a pleasure,

even though a half was the measure.

I’d suggest Brock not be reading the recipe soon,

he needs to distinguish between ‘cup’ and ‘teaspoon’.



picture of Brock and Danaya
Danaya and Brock in sunnier weather

It’s been a busy week (and it’s only Tuesday night), and once again today it was raining. Every year I think that it must be the rainiest year for Calgary on record. Once again it seems like it, but it probably isn’t. On the plus side, my dandelion farm in the backyard is doing well, something the guinea pigs are thankful for.

The picture of Danaya and Brock was from a month or so ago, hope you enjoy it.  (Brock has eyes, honest).


On Wednesday evening, while I was taking the girls and Davison to the library for our weekly visit, Lori spent some one-on-one time with Brock.  Brock loves having people read books to him, and in this case Lori was reading with him through a phonics workbook (the pertinent-for-this-story portion of the page in question is photographed above).

Lori would have Brock go though a particular pattern for each word, first spelling it out, then sounding it out and saying the word, and then saying the word in a sentence.  After working through the word “rid”, Brock piped up with, “Do you want me to do the ‘lid’ one now?”  Lori assented, and he then spelled out L-I-D, and sounded it out.  Lori also mentioned a couple of his funny sentences, ‘I sod the wood’, and ‘I went poddy’ that really cracked her up.


I was watching a video talk the other day where the speaker (the guy at Microsoft responsible for the user experience for the upcoming Windows 8 tablet operating system), talked about the different stages of user interface that we have gone through in the computing era.  Those were the initial Command Line Interface (CLI), which was followed by the Graphic User Interface (GUI), which is now being superceded by the Natural User Interface (NUI) which is used on tablets – the primary manner of manipulation being with your fingers.

That background being provided, I’ll take us back to the story at hand.  At the girls’ piano recital on Saturday, I had tried making an audio recording of each piece with my Android phone.  This didn’t work so well, as the microphone and hardware did not capture it well.  So, on Sunday I had each of the girls play their recital pieces on our electric keyboard, which is midi-connected to an old iMac running GarageBand version 1.0.  (I’m working on posting those audio recordings soon, so keep an eye out for them).

While I was working on the iMac, Brock wandered by.  By way of confession, I need to let you know that Brock is one of the tablet users in our house, primarily enjoying the game MineCraft (which you may hear more about on this blog at some point, just not this post).  Anyhow, Brock wandered by, and then stopped and looked at the screen.  At the bottom of the screen were icons for Safari, iTunes, GarageBand, and a couple of other things.  He started tapping them in an effort to interact with the computer.  When nothing happened, he tried all sorts of other things on the screen, all to no avail (other than fingerprints on the glass).  It was sort of funny, realizing that he is fully into the age of the Natural User Interface.  Me, I’m often stuck back on the command-line.

picture of Brock trying to interact with the computer
Brock interacting with the computer