Heidi has recently been enjoying baking gluten free desserts, most often without any prompting.  This afternoon she cracked open a couple of cans of cherry pie filling and made a bunch of cherry pecan individual pies.  They were cooked just right and were delicious.


Able Baker Heidi
Cherry Pecan Pies

A couple of days ago Davison was leafing through the Lego Star Wars minifig book that we got with the tub-o-Lego.  He recognized the wings on the picture of a set associated with the General Grievous minifig.  Upon closer inspection, the cockpit cover and one of the missiles were familiar as well.  So Davidon proceeded to build the set.  Pretty much everything was present, except for General Grievous himself; uh, I’ve heard that he um, fell into shadows in uh, the planet Endor…

Here’s some pics:


Master Scrounger Davison
the foldout wing cannons

We have finally (it took about a week and a half) completed the large Republic Frigate model.  Technically we have about 10 pieces missing, but we’re declaring it done (and will add the final pieces as they show up).

the Republic Frigate


After church on Sunday, we stopped by a nearby water park area.  At one point there were some stepping stones down the creek, possibly involving a little wading.  It wasn’t until all of the kids except for Brock had gone that Mom arrived and noticed the rather large snake sunning itself on the rock nearby.  Brock didn’t go wading.

the snake is on the rock to the right of Daelynn

the sunning snake
We’re not sure what type of snake, but based on descriptions it was likely a water moccasin.

This morning I picked most of the peaches from one of our peach trees.  The peaches on this tree were larger and did not seem to attract as many bugs.


I picked 8 peaches, 5 of which were ripe (although with a couple of spots to cut off) and were eaten immediately. 

these three were not quite ripe


One of the sets in the tub-o-Lego is the Imperial V-Wing Starfighter.  This one came with instructions, and possibly was a late addition to the tub as the sticker sheet was still intact and hadn’t been applied yet.  We’ve been working on building the Republican Frigate, a rather large model, but Daviaon decided to take a break to knock this one off.


the Starfighter
Davison and starfighter with noir filter

When we bought the tub-o-Lego a couple (Daelynn, that means two) of weeks ago, the one set that we knew was present was the Millenium Falcon model.  Davison did a great job of finding and assembling all of the pieces.   

Davison and the Millenium Falcon

a roomy spaceship
Brock is more of a player than a builder

Those of you who know us well (which is likely anyone reading this blog) know that we have a certain amount of Lego.  If we started getting Lego for Layne when he was 5 years old, we are 20 years into this particular journey.

So when I stopped at a garage sale last Saturday and saw a large tub of Lego for sale, the thought did cross my mind, “Do we really need more Lego”.

But then I noticed that some of the pieces on top of the tub were from the Millenium Falcon set.  I confirmed with the lad selling the tub-o-Lego that it was indeed said model and that all of the parts should be there.  And that sort of short-circuited the decision making process.  

Some pictures of the minifigs included (most of them with hands – a lot of our minifigs hands have disappeared over the years)…

    We (primarily Davison with some help from me) are in the process of building the models that we have determined are present.  There were no instructions, but those are now all available online.  I’m planning on posting pictures as models get built,

I had one last post that I had wanted to get up on the site to complete the Kemah Boardwalk trip series.   Without a whole lot of explanation (other than that the ride Brock is on with-not-a-lot-of-other-riders is the “Jungle Bounce”) since you know the people, here is the last set of pictures.