This morning I picked most of the peaches from one of our peach trees.  The peaches on this tree were larger and did not seem to attract as many bugs.


I picked 8 peaches, 5 of which were ripe (although with a couple of spots to cut off) and were eaten immediately. 

these three were not quite ripe


One of the sets in the tub-o-Lego is the Imperial V-Wing Starfighter.  This one came with instructions, and possibly was a late addition to the tub as the sticker sheet was still intact and hadn’t been applied yet.  We’ve been working on building the Republican Frigate, a rather large model, but Daviaon decided to take a break to knock this one off.


the Starfighter
Davison and starfighter with noir filter

The first Lego set that we found and assembled from the tub-o-Lego was the Tie Defender set.


Those of you who know us well (which is likely anyone reading this blog) know that we have a certain amount of Lego.  If we started getting Lego for Layne when he was 5 years old, we are 20 years into this particular journey.

So when I stopped at a garage sale last Saturday and saw a large tub of Lego for sale, the thought did cross my mind, “Do we really need more Lego”.

But then I noticed that some of the pieces on top of the tub were from the Millenium Falcon set.  I confirmed with the lad selling the tub-o-Lego that it was indeed said model and that all of the parts should be there.  And that sort of short-circuited the decision making process.  

Some pictures of the minifigs included (most of them with hands – a lot of our minifigs hands have disappeared over the years)…

    We (primarily Davison with some help from me) are in the process of building the models that we have determined are present.  There were no instructions, but those are now all available online.  I’m planning on posting pictures as models get built,

I had one last post that I had wanted to get up on the site to complete the Kemah Boardwalk trip series.   Without a whole lot of explanation (other than that the ride Brock is on with-not-a-lot-of-other-riders is the “Jungle Bounce”) since you know the people, here is the last set of pictures.


One of the rides that we had really looked forward to going on was the wooden rollercoaster, “the Boardwalk Bullet”. Grandpa Ron and the boys didn’t go on it, but everyone else did, once. It was quite the ride, going 50+ mph, a 92 foot drop, and a lot of bone-jarring, head-ache inducing, whiplash type of stuff going on. Daelynn and I went back in the afternoon and rode it a couple of additional times. We tried one run sitting in the front of the ride and one in the back of the ride. I liked going in the front better as you could see where you were going and anticipate things a little more.

the (bone-jarring, head-aching, quite-a-thrill) wooden rollercoaster
the (bone-jarring, head-aching, quite-a-thrill) wooden rollercoaster

Davison, Brock, and Grandpa Ron end up in jail.
Davison, Brock, and Grandpa Ron end up in jail.

The train ride was interesting and it took you all around the boardwalk area. Since the boardwalk is owned and run by a restaurant company, there was quite a lot of restaurant advertising during the tour, and indeed there were a lot of restaurants handy.
The (captive-advertising) train ride
The (captive-advertising) train ride

The Rockin’ Rocket was a fun ride for the younger set; it didn’t get too exciting, but we went on it a few times.
The Rockin' Rocket
The Rockin’ Rocket

I don’t have a picture of it, but some of us (Dad, Danaya, Daelynn, and Mikaela) went on one ride a handful of times. It was one where you were belted in, and then were lifted up a pole and dropped from a couple of hundred feet up (it felt like about half a mile, but I don’t think it was that high) to free-fall for a couple of seconds before splatting on the pavement being brought to a gradual halt.
Another one of the fun rides was the boat swing, in this case with a Pharoah theme. The first time that I went on it I was with Brock. It was a little much for Brock and he hung on for dear life.

One of the rides which everyone went on was the “WipeOut”. It was one where you go in a circle, sometimes at quite an angle, sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards, and sometimes really, really fast (in which the person on the outside gets squished). We ended up with lots of pictures of Wipeout rides, so here are a bunch of them.

Daelynn and Davison
Daelynn and Davison
Dad and Grandpa Ron
Dad and Grandpa Ron
Can you find Grandpa Ron?
Can you find Grandpa Ron?
On an angle
On an angle
Daelynn and Danaya
Daelynn and Danaya
Daelynn and Davison again
Daelynn and Davison again

Way back when (oh, about a year or more ago) we had promised the kids that we would go and spend a day enjoying the rides at Kemah Boardwalk.  Grandpa Ron’s visit, coupled with nice weather and Ben being able to take a day off work seemed a propitious time to fulfill that promise and enjoy a great day of fun together.  Rather than one big post (which I’ve started a couple of times but keep running into technical difficulties), I’m going to make this into a bunch of posts, so bear with me.  On Thursday, April 10th we made the trip, purchased all day ride passes for all (well, we did make Grandpa Ron buy his own pass) and had a great time.

Here we go with pictures and stories…

The first ride that we went on all together was the Ferris wheel.


the girls on the Ferris wheel


Lori and Davison up in the air


Daelynn and Danaya looking out

 After the first ride, we sort of split up.  Lori and Grandpa Ron took the young lads to the double decker carousel. The girls headed off to one of the more exciting rides – the Flare, which I don’t have a good picture of (but you can see it in the background in this picture – it’s the loop structure in the background).  And despite it looking like Brock has face planted a post, he survived the ride just fine.

Dad and Brock on the Ferris wheel

I caught the girls getting off the ride, which they seem to have survived. The lineups to get on this ride (and just about all of the others) were just about non-existent, so it was usually a matter of getting off, walking around the ride, and then getting back on again. We (not including Lori, Grandpa Ron, Davison and Brock) went on this ride a bunch of times. It was a little stomach churning, and there were times when you hung motionless upside down, but it was great fun.

They’ve survived “the Flare”

But back to the carousel…

Riding the top deck…


Thanks goodness for seat belts!

And that is it for post 1, the iPad isn’t handling the pictures and editing all that well, so we’ll see how quickly I can get the next post up.


i spent the day today at a customer briefing day with Dell.  The day is ending at the Dell corporate suite at NRG Stadium watching two of the NCAA March Madness tournament.  The first game is UCLA vs Gonzaga; the second game being Duke vs Utah.

Some of us were here at the stadium at the rodeo a couple of weeks back.  It’s quite amazing the difference from the large dirt span back then to the court now.



 Brock: “I’m just like a guy who works in a gift shop. I’m decorating gift wrap.”

Notice that the sticker on his back assures us that he is Organic, thanks to sister Mikaela’s apple.


      So fun doing lessons with this guy

  Heidi makes Dutch Babies for our lunch.


 You probably can’t see the cute little green frog in Brock’s net, but he is there.


  Davison enjoys a spring day


  Nighttime swimming









  Some backyard views

 Behind the rosemary plant is one of our new baby Meyer lemon trees.


 Our new baby pomegranate tree


  More babies: a blueberry bush, a lime tree, and a Meyer lemon tree


Our two baby peach trees

 And, sadly, our dead tree






Afternoon of the wildflowers







  Rainy days with friends and a crackling fire

Thanks for joining me as I roam through a few weeks of pics!