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First off, here are some pictures that Lori took in Oregon (most of them at the beach). Lori and the kids left the beach after a week today (Sunday, August 3rd) and headed back inland to Newberg. They have three or four days there before embarking for Calgary.

Picture of kids in a hotel swimming pool
Swimming at the Travelodge Pool in Newberg

Picture of people on Oregon beach at sunset
On the beach at sunset

Picture of Davison on the beach
Davison on the beach

Picture of kids on beach at sunset
Fun on the beach at sunset

Picture of stones found on the beach
Heidi’s beach treasures

Picture of lovely lady taking a picture of a beach sunset
Danaya enjoying the beach sunset

Along with the pictures, I wanted to recount an interesting talk that I had with one of my co-employees on the field trip covered in the last post. I was talking to a young Oriental gal who had just started work at Seitel within the past couple of years. She grew up as the only child in her family. When she found out that we had six kids (sorry Danaya, you’ve probably outgrown that moniker), she paused for a few seconds and then said something to the effect of “Wow, in your house every day is a party”.

Thursday was a beautiful day here in Lincoln City.  We did a shopping trip  to the outlet mall and then to Robert’s Bookstore, a wonderfully eclectic place.  I purchased the Curious George paper doll book for Brock, and fun design coloring books.

Does it get any better than this?

We went to the beach in the afternoon and had a fun time.

Little boys with sand toys
Heidi plays War
Daelynn at the beach
Davison playing War

Friday was overcast, and ended up being another of those vaunted rest and relaxation days (for Ben anyway, who managed to polish off a sci-fi novel – Warhorse, by Timothy Zahn – and playing Ticket to Ride on the iPad).

Aunt Marta, cousin Ian, dogs Bailey and Oliver arrived Thursday afternoon to hang out for a couple of days.  Ian and Davison are having a lot of fun together.  (The auto-guess function on my phone keyboard initially wrote the word ‘fun’ in the last sentence as ‘gin’, which I hastened to correct.)

We got to the vacation house in Lincoln City late on Sunday night.  Monday was sort of a rest and recuperation day.  We made a couple of grocery store trips, and here are some pics of more fun activities…

Wave jumping

Brock actually wasn’t wave jumping, but picking up sizeable rocks on the beach (of which there was no shortage), and heaving then into the water. If you look closely, you can see a stone in mid-flight. And since I am pondering the words I am using – is there a difference between ‘rock’ and ‘stone’? The picture in my mind is that stones are rounded, whereas rocks are more like jagged lumps. If that is the case than Brock was throwing stones into the ocean.

Foxtail ball throwing

Davison had some aiming issues with the ball and would swing it like mad and then toss it to his left. I kept edging to his left in a hope of getting near to the thrown ball, but he would keep turning to face me.

Playing 'I Declare War'
One of our ‘must-do’beach activities is playing ‘ I Declare War’. To play, a stick is found, a large circle is drawn on the sand and is then subdivided (like a pie) with a slice for each player. Each player names their country – in the game pictured above the countries were named Yaria , D, Kalamazoo, Geridos, Crunchy, and Captain Carter (someone has watched some Stargate episodes recently). One person starts with the stick, says ‘I declare war on’, names one if the countries and throws the stick onto their land. Everyone runs away except the owner of the country thus declared. As soon as the owner of the declared country touches the stick, they yell ‘Stop’and everyone ceased running immediately. At that point the stickholder chooses someone to go to war with (by throwing the stick at them – under handed, in a nice way of course) but had to remain on their own territory while doing so. If the target is hit, the thrower gets some of their territory; if missed the thrower loses territory. To claim territory, you have to stand wholly inside your own territory, stand straight with knees straight, bend over with stick in hand, and carve off as much territory as possible. Then it’s time to declare war again and stay the cycle over.

A couple of years ago, we had a coast guard helicopter land nearby while we were playing it. I’m not sure why, maybe people throwing sticks at each other or something.