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One of our family traditions is to open stocking stuffers during breakfast on Christmas morning (and to make sure everyone has a few small stocking stuffers). Part of this tradition is that the Huber guys get one or more matchbox cars as part of their stuffers. For your enjoyment is a timelapse video of our fun Christmas morning breakfast together. The young man in black with his back to the camera is Rett, who was able to spend a couple of weeks with us around Christmas this year.

I opened one of my regular gifts before breakfast, as I knew that it was a kit for the iPad which provided a tripod mount for it. I setup the iPad on a tripod, and kicked off the time lapse video recording, taking one shot every 5 seconds. Post video, there was some additional doctoring done to slow to down a bit (extending the video from the original 35 seconds out to about 2.5 minutes, adding some old video artifacts, and a (questionable) soundtrack.

Hope you enjoy it! Today we’re hoping to head off to Galveston and to hit Rudy’s BBQ with Rett.

Sunday was my work’s family Christmas party, held at a local bowling alley.  Here are some pictures from same event, with apologies for how clear some of them are not, being sort of low light conditions and being taken on my cellphone.

Mikaela's turn at 5 pin bowling

I’ve heard that the US is seriously deficient in 5 pin bowling.  We all had fun with it, especially since the gutter guards were up, eliminating the possibility of gutter balls.

Blurry scoreboard

My apologies on the blurry scoreboard shot, but what it shows is Mikaela winning (scoring a strike in the last frame to surge ahead), Davison coming in second (although he was in the lead for most of the game).

Brock the mighty bowler

We did some ten pin bowling as well.  Brock had a lane to himself, but had problems getting any amount of speed on those big bowling balls.  At one point, there was seven balls sitting in the gutter, having not quite made it all the way.

Brock winding down

The food was great and we all enjoyed some yummy gluten free pizza (and took home enough leftovers thereof for supper leftovers).

Legohead Huber

There were also presents for the kids, handed out by a Santa Claus who had trouble pronouncing names.

Brock and his haul

And after four busy hours (bowling, pop, pizza, presents) we headed home to unwind. And yes, those of you who looked closely, that top picture of Mikaela bowling is actually 10 pin.