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In the interest of getting back to regular posting here on, here are some of the photo highlights of the past few weeks.

picture of boy blowing up kitchen
Baking soda and vinegar fun with Davison
Picture of blackberries in garden
Some edible blackberries that the birds didn’t get
picture of Davison with chocolate pudding pie
Davison, the chocoloate pudding pie chef
pikcture of red climbing rose blossom
Climbing rose blossom
picture of small watermelon
Little watermelon growing in our front yard (but it had split so had to be discarded)
picture of girl sitting on kitchen counter
Danaya using her phone
picture of toad hiding in plain site
Find the toad
picture of lame word search
Easiest Sunday School word search puzzle ever


Fruit Blossoms

picture of watermelon blossom
Watermelon blossom
picture of guava blossom
Guava blossom

Ben’s BirthdayI don’t have any pictures from my birthday party (maybe Lori might). We had the traditional birthday trifle with ice cream.

picture of father, son and reading glasses
Brock, Dad, reading glasses


Someone’s been using my cellphone

In reviewing cellphone photos for this week’s update, it was immediately evident that someone (likely Heidi or Davison as they weren’t in any of the pictures) had taken lots of pictures with my iPhone.  Here are some of the pictures.

picture of Brock and Danaya
Brock and Danaya
picture of sisters smiling
picture of Brock
picture of Danaya
picture of Daelynn reaching for the phone
gimme da phone
picture of Brock and Danaya
Brock and Danaya share a chair
picture of Daelynn and Mikaela
we appear to be short on chairs
picture of Danaya

New Refrigerator

When we purchased our refrigerator back in 2013, we also purchased a 5 year full coverage plan on it.  We’ve recently been having an issue with the fridge that numerous repair guys have been unable to solve.  So, Sears has labelled it a lemon and provided for a replacement.  This replacement comprises of a credit for the amount that we originally paid for the first fridge – that we can spend at a Sears store on a new fridge.  Warranty-wise, this new appliance takes over the last two years of the original warranty.  We can spend more than the credit and pay the difference if the refrigerator chosen is more expensive than the original.  As might be guessed, it ended up being more than the original.

The new fridge has LED lighting and quite a bit more space.

I love opening the fridge.  -Brock


It appears that one of the attractions of our yard to neighborhood kids is that frogs (or maybe toads, or maybe both – do frogs and toads get along or are they like rival gangs or something) like to hang out in the damp dark space where our water meter and shut off valve are located.  While working in the yard today, there were a couple of times when girls came by, got out frogs and played with them.  One of those times; they took a couple of frogs off to the detention pond.  I was tempted to say “Hey, put those frogs back”, but then I remembered that I don’t like frogs, so kept quiet.

picture of frog habitat
the habitat
picture of frog habitat cover
the cover

Lanier Library Lecture

We’ve been enjoying the nearby Lanier Theological Library, usually going there on Tuesday afternoons and evenings.  I went to a lecture on Saturday night, featuring a University of Cambridge professor that they had brought in for the weekend, one event being the Saturday night lecture on the topic Jesus and Geography, in particular looking at the the validity of the gospels in their geography as validated by extra-biblical sources (i.e. Josephus, rabbinical literature, etc).

The speaker was Simon Gathercole, and it was a pretty good time.  The chapel was full, so I was in one of the two overflow seating areas in the library.  After the talk there was a question time in which the speaker was asked to answer questions ranging from the basic (“Are the Tyre and Sidon in the New Testament the same ones referred to in the OT?”) to the interesting (“Since Josephus was originally a Jewish generally, but then became a traitor who ended up on the Roman side, can we trust his writings?”) to the complex and open-ended (“Can you explain Isaiah 53?”).  Answers to the above by the way were yes, yes, and a rather longer explanation than I wrote down.

The host (Mark Lanier) and the lecturer had a really good rapport, and there was a good deal of banter back and forth during the question time.  One of the exchanges that was really fun was when Mark corrected Simon with “It’s pronounced ‘I-Zay-ah'” – versus the more academic/English pronunciation.

picture of the to the Lanier library
the path to the library
picture of gate in rock wall
One of the gates
picture of light tree
light tree by the library

It was a busy week at the Houston Huber Household.  Probably most important was that I completed the green card process, getting my permanent work authorization for the States.  No pictures to show of that.  In other news…

At a local Barnes & Noble store, I picked up a ‘build your own gliders’ kit (from their half price table).  After some tweaks to the tail ailerons, it flew pretty well even though it was sort of windy.

picture of lad throwing toy glider
Davison with the glider
picture of boy with toy glider
Brock with the glider
picture of girl and pet dog
the requisite Bilbo picture

Flowers and Fruits

picture of young grape bunch
next step in grape development
picture of mature pomegranate flower
mature pomegranate flower
picture of young pomegranate fruit
pomegranate fruit (really small)
picture of a rose flower
picture of a rose bud
picture of a rose
picture of cocoa red roses
picture of strawberries on countertop
strawberry harvest
picture of growing green tomatoea
picture of orange daylilies
yots of yilies

Flood Aftermath

Danaya and I took an alternate route to the chiropractor on Wednesday, driving through one of the communities that has been hit hard by the flood.  There were a lot of houses in this community with piles of debris (drywall, carpet, etc) out front.  I drove through again this morning, and a lot of it had been cleaned up already.  There were some streets that were still in cleanup mode.

Zach Winters house concert

On Thursday night, I drove Danaya and Daelynn to a house concert featuring a musician from Oklahoma named Zach Winters.  It was held in a large very soggy backyard (like step on the grass and sink into a couple of inches of water) and was a whole lot of fun.

picture of back yard concert
Danaya and Daelynn find a dry place to sit
picture of Zach Winters in concert
Zach Winters in concert
picture of Daelynn and Danaya with Zach Winters
Daelynn, Zach, and Danaya
picture of filament light bulb
One of the filament bulbs at the concert

As previously mentioned (and currently being experienced), Lori and the kids are in Oregon for a couple of weeks, while Dad is back at work living out of a cheap hotel. Lori sent me a bunch of pictures of the goings-on so I thought that I would post them here – with my best guesses about what is going on in the pictures. Those of you in the know can chime in and set me straight.

First up the pictures that were dated July 26th, which incidentally was Davison’s 8th birthday. I know that they visited a lavender farm and picked lavender, went to the county fair in Newberg, and some of the party went swimming. Here we go with the pictures:

The expedition to the lavender farm
The expedition to the lavender farm

The whole lavender-pickin' team!
The whole lavender-pickin’ team!

Auntie Marta and Brock discuss the economics of growing lavender.
Auntie Marta and Brock discuss the economics of growing lavender.

Brock goes crazy picking Lavender
Brock goes crazy picking Lavender
Davison and Brock with one of Davison's birthday presents in the background
Davison and Brock with one of Davison’s birthday presents in the background

Fun at the Newberg Fair
Fun at the Newberg Fair

Swamp water rules!
Swamp water rules!

Swimming at the hotel in Newberg
Swimming at the hotel in Newberg

It looks like fun was had by all.

During the last week of June, we celebrated Danaya’s Grade 12 graduation. The grad ceremony was on Thursday evening. On the evening before, we had a grad dinner at one hosted by one of the grad families. There were a number of families that had gotten together and planned (over a period of months via weekly planning meetings) a joint grad ceremony for their home-schooled graduating young adults. The Davidson family hosted the grad dinner on the Wednesday evening (that being 3 weeks ago today), they did a fantastic job, and the food was amazingly good.

Before the meal, there was a picture taking time with the grads. I haven’t seen any of the pictures taken by one of the better cameras present, but thought I would post a couple that I took with my cell phone. In the picture below, from left to right are Danaya, Mark, Michael, and Xavier.


There were also some less formal pictures taken. Here is one of them…


We got to the vacation house in Lincoln City late on Sunday night.  Monday was sort of a rest and recuperation day.  We made a couple of grocery store trips, and here are some pics of more fun activities…

Wave jumping

Brock actually wasn’t wave jumping, but picking up sizeable rocks on the beach (of which there was no shortage), and heaving then into the water. If you look closely, you can see a stone in mid-flight. And since I am pondering the words I am using – is there a difference between ‘rock’ and ‘stone’? The picture in my mind is that stones are rounded, whereas rocks are more like jagged lumps. If that is the case than Brock was throwing stones into the ocean.

Foxtail ball throwing

Davison had some aiming issues with the ball and would swing it like mad and then toss it to his left. I kept edging to his left in a hope of getting near to the thrown ball, but he would keep turning to face me.

Playing 'I Declare War'
One of our ‘must-do’beach activities is playing ‘ I Declare War’. To play, a stick is found, a large circle is drawn on the sand and is then subdivided (like a pie) with a slice for each player. Each player names their country – in the game pictured above the countries were named Yaria , D, Kalamazoo, Geridos, Crunchy, and Captain Carter (someone has watched some Stargate episodes recently). One person starts with the stick, says ‘I declare war on’, names one if the countries and throws the stick onto their land. Everyone runs away except the owner of the country thus declared. As soon as the owner of the declared country touches the stick, they yell ‘Stop’and everyone ceased running immediately. At that point the stickholder chooses someone to go to war with (by throwing the stick at them – under handed, in a nice way of course) but had to remain on their own territory while doing so. If the target is hit, the thrower gets some of their territory; if missed the thrower loses territory. To claim territory, you have to stand wholly inside your own territory, stand straight with knees straight, bend over with stick in hand, and carve off as much territory as possible. Then it’s time to declare war again and stay the cycle over.

A couple of years ago, we had a coast guard helicopter land nearby while we were playing it. I’m not sure why, maybe people throwing sticks at each other or something.

picture of our Chevy Traverse
the Traverse in Lincoln City, Oregon

Early this morning, Lori, Layne and Danaya left for Oregon. We’re thinking that they will be back late next week (in time for Davison’s birthday party – his birthday is on Thursday the 26th, but we’re hoping to have a big birthday party for him on Sunday, July 29th).

They drove our Traverse which needed some last minute mechanical work before hitting the road. (Many thanks to our mechanics for fitting us into their busy schedule and getting the front struts replaced. Three cheers for Auto Experts!) In fact, as I write this, they (Lori, Layne and Danaya – not the mechanics) are probably cruising down the Columbia River gorge – with their destination within striking distance. The primary purpose of the trip is to spend time with Lori’s Mom (Grandma Dana) and sister (Auntie Marta). Layne will likely be continuing on to Bandon, and be spending most of his time there at the coast with friends.

The pictures that I’m posting are from our Oregon trip last year (actually one of the trips, but in this one Lori took the Traverse and some of the girls down to spend time with her sister, Aimee, who was dying of cancer). Me (Ben), Danaya, and the two young boys followed a couple of weeks later in my old Honda Accord (which alas, is no more), and we came back together.

picture of Lori opening the back door of the traverse
the lovely Lori

Daelynn is taking the lead here are home in looking after the younger kids, while Rett and I are at work. One day in, she’s doing a fabulous job. Many thanks to Lori for helping Daelynn prep some meals for the time when they are gone.

I’m hoping to entice Lori to take pictures and write some hubcrate posts while she is down there. So, Grandma Dana, Auntie Marta, and Danaya – start bugging her about posting some content here – I’m pretty sure she has all of the tools with her. Actually, it would be fun for Layne to post some stuff as well…

Final picture coming up – these pictures were all taken last July in Lincoln City, Oregon on our way up the coast heading home, but they are road trips pictures so I thought it would be fun to share them.

picture of Heidi with telescope
Heidi looks for something

Around the end of May (I’ll try and pull the exact date for the next post), Danaya wrote performed her Grade 8 piano exam.  This required her to choose a theme, select a number of songs around that theme, create a program, and then perform the program before a group of family, friends, and an examinator.


This is Danaya introducing one of the songs.  We weren’t allowed to record the performance, but I figured a few cellphone pictures wouldn’t offend anyone.  Danaya is playing the songs that she likes on our digital keyboard and we’re posting them here in the next series of posts.

So, without any further nattering-on, here is Danaya performing:  Sunshowers

picture of Brock and Danaya
Danaya and Brock in sunnier weather

It’s been a busy week (and it’s only Tuesday night), and once again today it was raining. Every year I think that it must be the rainiest year for Calgary on record. Once again it seems like it, but it probably isn’t. On the plus side, my dandelion farm in the backyard is doing well, something the guinea pigs are thankful for.

The picture of Danaya and Brock was from a month or so ago, hope you enjoy it.  (Brock has eyes, honest).

A couple of weeks ago, Danaya wrote her Grade 8 piano exam.  There were about 20 of us (family and friends, some both) in the audience, and an adjudicator who was grading her.  She played 8 songs and I think it was a bit of a nerve-wracking experience for her.  In comparison to that, I suspect that the recital performance was a breeze for her.  The song being played was one of the songs she also played at her piano exam.

picture of Danaya playing piano
Danaya playing at June 2012 piano recital

The song:  june-recital-danaya-goldfish