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Well, this post is long overdue (as Brody turned four back in late April), but as I have another post in the wings as Elissa has posted Brody’s 5 month update, I need to get this posted.  And hey, there really cannot be too many Brody pictures…

To grandparents, great-grandparents, and other great people…

Once again, the 26th of the month has arrived, and this email is brought to you by Brodwin’s monthly birthday… We celebrate by taking note of some of the things Brody likes to do…
As seen in the pictures, he is learning to read books with Dad, play board games with the guys, and enjoys visiting with Auntie Daelynn and Grandparents, as well as spent some time outside on our warmer days, cloud-gazing and exploring the outdoors. He id definitely more aware of things around him, and wants to look at screens – TVs and computers, so I suppose we need to be aware more of what we watch!

He has been laughing more, (he has a number of ticklish spots) and making interesting squealing and dinosaur noises. He is becoming more coordinated to grab onto objects and put most of them in his mouth, and has stronger head and neck muscles, as well as leg muscles now.

On April 17th, he was dedicated at our church, and prayed for by Pastor Glen, which was special. He didn’t cry at all while being held up on stage. Thanks to those family members who were able to be part of that!

Altogether, we are having lots of fun. We are also excited to go down to Houston in May, to see family, and perhaps have Brody try some swimming!


The Hubers

Layne and Brody read a book
Layne and Brody read a book
picture of Elissa and Brody
Elissa and Brody
picture of Elissa and Brody
Elissa and Brody
Brody (running out of witty captions here, not that they’ve been that witty)
picture of Grandma Linda and Brody
Grandma Linda and Brody
picture of cute Brody boy
Brody in his summer duds
picture of Uncle Rett and Brody
Brody and Uncle Rett team up to play a game


I missed last week’s “pictures of the week” posting in lieu of a couple of other posts, but mostly because I was busy and time got away from me and I forgot to do it, and, and, and.  So this post is pushing up a bunch of pictures from the last couple of weeks.

picture of Daelynn and Brody
Daelynn and Brody



too dark picture of uncle and baby
Uncle Brock pinching Brody

Actually I don’t think Brock was pinching Brody, but I will sometimes joke with people about pinching babies when the baby is crying while being held by them.  So, I got a kick out of this picture.

On the Sunday before Layne, Elissa and Brody headed home we went out for a family meal at La Hacienda, one of our favorite restaurants (although given how often we eat out, you could probably count the total number of Houston restaurants we’ve visited in the last year on one or at most two hands).  Over the years, our younger kids have not usually made the economic connection of eating at home versus in a restaurant, particularly when there are 8 to 10 people.  The other factor of course being Dad’s (Ben) notorious cheapness.

picture of mexican restaurant
Lori and Heidi checking out the menu
picture of menu examination at restaurant
Layne, Elissa and Lori
picture of table at a restaurant with some of my favorite peeps!
Brody is entertained by his frog toy, while a mysterious hand makes a grab for more chips
picture of Davison and his taco goatee
Davison has finished the “hunger” part of his meal and entered into “play” mode.
picture of fun people at restaurant
Daelynn, Brock and Danaya at La Hacienda

Back home for the next few pictures…

picture of relaxing folks
Layne, Brody and Daelynn
picture of orange climbing roses
Roses in the front yard
picture of Mikeala
A unique game of checkers with Mikeala
picture of Heidi the beautiful girl
Heidi, Mikeala’s opponent. Apparently we are missing some checkers.
picture of two large cherry tomatoes
Couple of garden tomatoes

This past Monday was Memorial Day in the U.S.  It was also our church picnic at a local park.

picture of Heidi on basketball court
Heidi gets pulled into playing basketball by her friend Brieanna.
picture of two lads in a bouncy castle
Brock and Paton have fun in the bouncy castle
picture of lads falling out of a bouncy castle
Brock and Paton fall out of the bouncy castle
picture of Sunday school picnic activities
Davison coming in from the outfield in the baseball game

Part of the “fun” at the church picnic was Davison paying attention to the base runner, not the ball thrower in the baseball game which resulted in him catching the ball with his face, right between the eyes.  A bunch of time with ice resulted in only a bit of swelling, with no black eyes in the bargain.

Danaya and Daelynn were not present for the church picnic, as they were visiting their friend Gracie in Hondo, Texas (about an hours drive the other side of San Antonio.  They took the bus to San Antonio and were picked up their by Gracie and her family.  A fun part of the  bus trip was that they paid extra to reserve two seats in the front row – on the second deck of the bus.

picture of Naya and Dill on the bus
Daelynn and Danaya on their way to San Antonio courtesy of Megabus
picture of kids weeding
Saturday morning weeding chores

On the second Thursday that Layne, Elissa, and Brody were with us, Ben took a day off work and we went to the Kemah Boardwalk for a day of rides and fun.  It turned out to be a day of a handful of rides (about 5 or 6 per person), bad weather, and a closed theme park.  I’m still bitter, so won’t write any more about such, but will post some of the pictures taken.


picture of handsome couple on ride
Layne and Elissa on “The Wipeout”
picture of theme park ride
The WipeOut in action
picture of cute baby
Daelynn, Brody and Layne on the train
picture of soaked lad
Bedraggled Brock on the train
picture of Mikaela Huber
some of my peeps on the train
picture of cheery couple at restaurant
Elissa and Layne at Tookie’s Hamburgers
picture of Davison in jail
some of my peeps in jail
picture of stupid Kemah boardwalk sign
the saddest news of the day
picture of boy at restaurant
Guess who had to go to the bathroom restroom about five times in the next two hours
picture of peeps having fun
The Kemah boardwalk after the most-of-the-day storm

On the plus side, we got to spend the day with Layne, Elissa, and Brody.  We experienced some crazy rainy and thunder storm weather, and got to hit a couple of used book stores.

Good news everyone! Today the house purchase was finalized! Our possession date is October 1st, although we are hoping to get access earlier. All the main reno’s are done, but we will be looking for some help to do some painting (hint hint, siblings!).

Since some people have had problems accessing the pictures, I’ve added them here! I’ve added quick captions so you can understand what you are looking at a little better. (In no specific order:)


This is a small nook with a little light above it, to the right and behind the gas fireplace . . .


The gas fireplace works,  but the remote is pretty busted, but can be turned on manually. The wood top is classy, and the stone face is pretty cool.



The eating bar! I’m really excited that we have one of these, and that it’s so cool! The stone facing on it is really nice, and the counter top is an interesting wood that I haven’t seen again. You’ll see a close picture later. Also in this picture you can see the hardwood flooring; not laminate.


A full view of the kitchen! Love the location of the sink. Allows for washing the dishes without having to stare at neighbors, or the wall. All new appliances, and lots of storage space. Tile backsplash, and under cabinet lighting wraps it up.



Here you can see the right side of the kitchen, and how the open layout works. The counter top isn’t stone or marble, but is nice enough. The cabinets have a lot of drawers compared to doors. You can see the dishwasher at the end, as well as the pantry door. There is a fair amount of space in there, with a really pretty door. Also on the far side, just to the left of the pantry is a ‘coffee nook’. (Pictures farther down.)


There are currently tenants in the house, and they didn’t clean up very well, but here you can see the detail of the wood eating bar, along with the tiling along the wall.




The Coffee Nook! The same hardwood as the eating bar. Not a great view mind you, but still, light and good place to work, read and hang out.


The floor of the coffee nook. Detail of the tiling. This tile is in all the bathrooms and the kitchen.


Another funky little shelving area, on the opposite side of the dishwasher.


All of the bathrooms in the house are large. This is the half bath on the main floor!


The stairs up to the top floor. Nice carpets that they agreed to professionally cleaned.


The main upstairs bathroom. The home inspection revealed that there was moisture behind the tiles, but the sellers agreed to replace the tiling and the drywall behind it.


A nice bathtub.


The cabinets are nice and spacious, with lots of drawers and shelves.


The main bedroom. See previous comments regarding tenants.


Two big closets, and then the ensuite bathroom on the left.



The ensuite bathroom has a really cool shower made out of tile with multiple shower heads.


All the bathrooms were renovated at once, so have the same tile, sinks, and cabinetry.


The floor tiling. Needs a clean, but still super cool. No moisture behind these!


Downstairs, the laundry room. It has laundry room things in it.


The basement. Mostly just a big room. The floor is just painted concrete, but that’s ok. Needs a lot of plastering and cleanup, and a paint job. I’d also like to put in some new light fixtures. To the left, you can see the door to the storage/furnace room.


Our shared back yard. Big deck, then grass then bushes and trees. Behind that is a big green space/walkway/park area, so super private.


The external siding, brick, and deck.


That’s all for now folks! Our possession date is a long ways off still, but at least this gives you a taste of what it looks like.

Layne & Elissa

Following are a bunch of pictures that I took at the reception.  Feel free to click on the pictures for a larger view and to comment or suggest alternate captions.  The reception was a lot of fun and Layne and Elissa made sure to get around to and chat with each of the tables.  Enjoy.

Layne and Elissa hired an official photographer for the wedding, and I’m sure that she has done an absolutely fabulous job.  But I’m not sure when she will be getting the pictures to Layne and Elissa, and then how long it will take Layne to get them posted.  So, here are some of the pictures that I took for you to enjoy in the meantime.  These pictures were all pre and post wedding, as there wasn’t any flash photography allowed during the ceremony.  You should be able to comment on individual pictures, if you have better caption ideas than what I came up with.

Being present at the wedding rehearsal (and having no role there other than walking my beautiful wife down the aisle), I took some pictures.  Here are the ones that turned out okay.

Layne and Elissa hired a photographer for the wedding, and she was there for the wedding and the reception.  But, I was there for the reception hall setup and the wedding rehearsal and took some pictures there.  Here are the better (note that I didn’t say outstanding or spectacularly awesome) pictures from the time on Friday afternoon (Oct 18th) setting up the reception hall.

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