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One of the areas at Space Center Houston that the younger set enjoyed was the kid’s play area, with an Angry Birds theme. Many thanks to Daelynn who took most of these pictures.

When dealing with the gallery format, you can get the full picture by double-clicking on it which opens a window with full gallery mode (which also allows you to comment on individual pictures). Enjoy!

We (the Ben Huber family, less the two older sons) spent the day on Sunday, May 27th at Cam & Coralie’s place, eating, fellow-shipping, playing board games, climbing on dirt piles, riding their quad. ┬áHere’s some pictures (with of course, Pixlr-o-matic effects applied):

Heidi an Kiersten on the dirt hill
Heidi and Kierstin on the dirt mountain
picture of Ethan and Davison
Ethan and Davison having fun in the dirt
picture of Brock with Tonka truck
Brock and truck at the top of the dirt pile
picture of Huber girls on quad
Danaya, Mikaela, and Heidi on the quad
picture of Huber girls on quad
Off to the open fields

We got home really, really late, but a wonderful day was had by all.