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Our (Ben & Lori’s) 28th anniversary was on May 14th, the first Saturday that Layne, Elissa and Brody were visiting with us.  To celebrate, Lori and I abandoned the kids on Sunday afternoon and headed off to the Corpus Christi area (southern Texas coast) for a couple of days.  We stayed in a nearby town called Rockport at a very secluded bed and breakfast.
The bed and breakfast that we stayed at was an apartment built into the back of a garage, with a small deck facing a wilderness scrub area.   This picture was taken out of the kitchen window.

picture of deer
the deer outside the window

There was a major storm which went through the area early on Monday morning, which led to a lot of water on roadways.  We drove down to the beach and spent some time at Mustang Island State Park.  The main parking lot was under water so we had to park further back and it was quite a hike to the beach.

picture of beach
taking pictures on the beach
picture of a crab picturing
Lori taking a picture of a ghost crab
picture of a ghost crab
the sand burrow inhabiting ghost crab

After the beach we hit a local restaurant, “Ginger Cafe”, for our meal out.  The food was primarily Greek, I believe (spoken like the faux-culinarilist that I am).  I had real Ginger-Ale (which they made themselves).  It tasted like Ginger Ale and had some chunks of ginger in it.

picture of authentic ginger tea
Ginger tea at the Ginger Cafe

Day Two

Our bed and breakfast was really close to Goose Mountain State Park (oops – there aren’t any mountains in Texas, this was actually “Goose Lake State Park”, and in a quick tour around the park, we encountered signs for “the Big Tree”.  Of course, such signs obviously require a detour to see the attraction in question.

Around the Big Tree in question was a sturdy wooden fence to dissuade unruly tourists from attempting to climb it.  We walked around it (staying outside the fence) and took pictures instead.

picture of the Big Tree
Lori and the Big Tree
picture of wooden fence
the fence around the Big Tree
picture of mushrooms growing on a fence
Mushrooms on the fence around the Big Tree

At this point, I quit taking smaller and smaller pictures, but maybe should have taken a closer one of the little stick thing on the mushroom so that I could have captioned it “Stick on a mushroom on the fence around the Big Tree”.  Those of you not familiar with obnoxious kids songs like “There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea” that go on ad-infinitum can be thankful.  Although I do have fond memories of singing loudly “I had a Rooster” to baby Layne during the 1991 road trip to Phoenix, AX – on the stretch of road to Yuba, Arizona.  I’ll bet he has fond memories of that as well.

picture of wonderful tourists at the Big Tree
Ben and Lori at the Big Tree

Our next stop of the day (for which I had pictures) was our trip to Port Aransas.  This road had been blocked by high water the day before, but the water was down somewhat so we forged ahead.

In Texas, ferries are part of the Texas Transporation System, so are free of charge for motorists.  There was a short ferry ride (half a mile) or less to get to Port Aransis.  However, the wait for the ferry, loading and unloading stretched this to close to an hour in each direction.

picture of lady and car on a ferry
on the ferry to Port Aransas
picture of ferry bridge
pretty cool little ferry

After getting off the ferry, we went to one of the public docks (probably wrong word) to see if we could see any dolphins in the channel.  We saw the odd dolphin fin off in the distance, but it must have been a dolphin stat holiday or something.  However, when we went to leave the dock/lookout/place, this rather large pelican was blocking our way, sort of like a troll requiring payment for going over his bridge.  (By the way, while I usually do these posts on my iPhone, I’m finishing this one out on the computer – where it is possible to be way more wordy).

picture of a pelican on a dock
the pelican on the dock

One of the fishermen on the wharf/dock/jetty/thing gave us one of their bait fish to appease the troll pelican.  Here is Lori feeding the pelican.

picture of beautiful woman feeding a pelican
Lori feeding the pelican

And just in case you couldn’t see really well, here is a zoomed-in version showing the tail in Lori’s hand.  This wasn’t a slow-motion feeding either – the pelly lunged for it fairly quickly, but managed not to nip Lori”s fingers at all.

picture of pelican grabbing fish from woman
precision fish grabbing

Our other major stop in Port Aransas was the long (not sure how long but it felt like a mile on the way out, and about 3 miles on the way back in the hear).

Sections of it were a stable cement surface, sections were a stable cement surface covered by a very slippery algae, and other sections were big granite blocks necessitating a certain amount of hopping.

Picture of Port Aransas jetty
Lori walking back on the jetty, slippery algae on the right
picture of turtle head
Picture of turtle swimming beside the jetty
Weasel in Cement
One of the cement signatures
picture of jetty rocks
jetty picture

After the jetty hike, it was time to start heading home.  We went for another ferry ride, then made the trek home.


Fruit Blossoms

picture of watermelon blossom
Watermelon blossom
picture of guava blossom
Guava blossom

Ben’s BirthdayI don’t have any pictures from my birthday party (maybe Lori might). We had the traditional birthday trifle with ice cream.

picture of father, son and reading glasses
Brock, Dad, reading glasses


Someone’s been using my cellphone

In reviewing cellphone photos for this week’s update, it was immediately evident that someone (likely Heidi or Davison as they weren’t in any of the pictures) had taken lots of pictures with my iPhone.  Here are some of the pictures.

picture of Brock and Danaya
Brock and Danaya
picture of sisters smiling
picture of Brock
picture of Danaya
picture of Daelynn reaching for the phone
gimme da phone
picture of Brock and Danaya
Brock and Danaya share a chair
picture of Daelynn and Mikaela
we appear to be short on chairs
picture of Danaya

New Refrigerator

When we purchased our refrigerator back in 2013, we also purchased a 5 year full coverage plan on it.  We’ve recently been having an issue with the fridge that numerous repair guys have been unable to solve.  So, Sears has labelled it a lemon and provided for a replacement.  This replacement comprises of a credit for the amount that we originally paid for the first fridge – that we can spend at a Sears store on a new fridge.  Warranty-wise, this new appliance takes over the last two years of the original warranty.  We can spend more than the credit and pay the difference if the refrigerator chosen is more expensive than the original.  As might be guessed, it ended up being more than the original.

The new fridge has LED lighting and quite a bit more space.

I love opening the fridge.  -Brock


It appears that one of the attractions of our yard to neighborhood kids is that frogs (or maybe toads, or maybe both – do frogs and toads get along or are they like rival gangs or something) like to hang out in the damp dark space where our water meter and shut off valve are located.  While working in the yard today, there were a couple of times when girls came by, got out frogs and played with them.  One of those times; they took a couple of frogs off to the detention pond.  I was tempted to say “Hey, put those frogs back”, but then I remembered that I don’t like frogs, so kept quiet.

picture of frog habitat
the habitat
picture of frog habitat cover
the cover

Lanier Library Lecture

We’ve been enjoying the nearby Lanier Theological Library, usually going there on Tuesday afternoons and evenings.  I went to a lecture on Saturday night, featuring a University of Cambridge professor that they had brought in for the weekend, one event being the Saturday night lecture on the topic Jesus and Geography, in particular looking at the the validity of the gospels in their geography as validated by extra-biblical sources (i.e. Josephus, rabbinical literature, etc).

The speaker was Simon Gathercole, and it was a pretty good time.  The chapel was full, so I was in one of the two overflow seating areas in the library.  After the talk there was a question time in which the speaker was asked to answer questions ranging from the basic (“Are the Tyre and Sidon in the New Testament the same ones referred to in the OT?”) to the interesting (“Since Josephus was originally a Jewish generally, but then became a traitor who ended up on the Roman side, can we trust his writings?”) to the complex and open-ended (“Can you explain Isaiah 53?”).  Answers to the above by the way were yes, yes, and a rather longer explanation than I wrote down.

The host (Mark Lanier) and the lecturer had a really good rapport, and there was a good deal of banter back and forth during the question time.  One of the exchanges that was really fun was when Mark corrected Simon with “It’s pronounced ‘I-Zay-ah'” – versus the more academic/English pronunciation.

picture of the to the Lanier library
the path to the library
picture of gate in rock wall
One of the gates
picture of light tree
light tree by the library

Lori always has this deep down feeling that one of the nefarious purposes of photography is to make her look bad (in other words that she is aphotogenic). I think she looks amazing in these pictures taken recently during our trip to Space Center Houston, so they are well worth posting. I’ve also posted one of these into the Hubcrate/About page. I think Daelynn was the photographer in this case, so kudos to her!
Picture of Ben and Lori Huber

Picture of Ben and Lori Huber
Ben and Lori Huber at JSC

Picture of Ben and Lori Huber

One of my favorite song stanzas is from Casting Crowns song “Angel”:

After all the changing seasons
Have turned to years
The crowns are gone
And the suns have faded

I’d still be here
Holding you
When thanking heaven
For my angel


On Saturday, November 24th, Brock celebrated his 4th birthday. It was a bit of a crazy day, as Danaya and Daelynn had two major babysitting jobs (one morning-afternoon) and the other in the evening (getting home at 7:45 pm). Layne and Rett headed out the door at 6:30 to go to an event (home at midnight or later). Dad barbecued in the dark, which seems to be starting shortly after 5:00 pm these days, and Brock got a pretty good haul of presents.

Picture of Layne and Brock smiling
Smiley guys


Picture of Layne and Brock


picture of Lori smiling
Lori enjoys Brock’s birthday party


Tuesday ended up being a rest and recuperation day as well, as will probably be the case for the rest of the week.

Brock on the wobbly platform

The major hilight on Tuesday was the playground and nearby beach on Devils Lake.

Lori at the playground

I don’t have any pictures of the playground as a whole, but it was a very unique one, with lots of interconnected wooden structures.  We played a bunch of different games (grounders, kick the can, sardines), but none of them really worked with this playground.  I’m sure there was an excellent game that would have worked there, but we didn’t come up with it.

Mikaela at the playground

The kids had fun wading at the nearby lake; Brock fell in and got mostly wet.

Heidi by the lake

In the evening, we went to the beach to watch the sunset.  It was pretty windy, and quite chilly.

Sunset at Lincoln City

And then it was back to the house, for a late evening soak in the rental house hot tub.

Wednesday was more of a utility day: getting a van tire fixed, shopping at the outlet mall, going to Newport to the Fred Meyers, lunch at MacDonalds, trip to the beach (it was pretty windy) and home for supper.

picture of our Chevy Traverse
the Traverse in Lincoln City, Oregon

Early this morning, Lori, Layne and Danaya left for Oregon. We’re thinking that they will be back late next week (in time for Davison’s birthday party – his birthday is on Thursday the 26th, but we’re hoping to have a big birthday party for him on Sunday, July 29th).

They drove our Traverse which needed some last minute mechanical work before hitting the road. (Many thanks to our mechanics for fitting us into their busy schedule and getting the front struts replaced. Three cheers for Auto Experts!) In fact, as I write this, they (Lori, Layne and Danaya – not the mechanics) are probably cruising down the Columbia River gorge – with their destination within striking distance. The primary purpose of the trip is to spend time with Lori’s Mom (Grandma Dana) and sister (Auntie Marta). Layne will likely be continuing on to Bandon, and be spending most of his time there at the coast with friends.

The pictures that I’m posting are from our Oregon trip last year (actually one of the trips, but in this one Lori took the Traverse and some of the girls down to spend time with her sister, Aimee, who was dying of cancer). Me (Ben), Danaya, and the two young boys followed a couple of weeks later in my old Honda Accord (which alas, is no more), and we came back together.

picture of Lori opening the back door of the traverse
the lovely Lori

Daelynn is taking the lead here are home in looking after the younger kids, while Rett and I are at work. One day in, she’s doing a fabulous job. Many thanks to Lori for helping Daelynn prep some meals for the time when they are gone.

I’m hoping to entice Lori to take pictures and write some hubcrate posts while she is down there. So, Grandma Dana, Auntie Marta, and Danaya – start bugging her about posting some content here – I’m pretty sure she has all of the tools with her. Actually, it would be fun for Layne to post some stuff as well…

Final picture coming up – these pictures were all taken last July in Lincoln City, Oregon on our way up the coast heading home, but they are road trips pictures so I thought it would be fun to share them.

picture of Heidi with telescope
Heidi looks for something

Monday lunchtime post, with a couple of random pictures…

First up is Brock, enjoying a whipping-cream-beater, sans bib.  I’m not sure that life gets any better that that.  You’ll notice that we’ve applied flower stencils to everything in the house (including our children, their clothes, and their toes).  Actually that’s the Pixlr-o-Matic effect “pinecone”, which I didn’t really notice clearly until the picture was uploaded.


Also, please ignore any clutter in the background.  This is so abnormally unusual for our house that I’m not sure how to photo-edit it out of the picture for Lori’s sake.

And in other news, I’ve been working through a course on Google Picasa (and want to try integrating Picasa web albums with this site – but that’s a job for another day, week, or month).  Today, I spent some time messing around with the special effects portion (my speciality).

doctored picture of Ben and Lori
Google Picasa adds some context

Today (Friday, June 8th) was Lori’s birthday. I took the day off work, and we went last night to a hotel near Canmore. We spent the day together today – this picture was taken at the restaurant where we had lunch in Banff, and then headed for home.

picture of Ben & Lori, June 2012
Lori and Ben


We had lunch in northern California – I believe this was just on the outskirts of Crescent City (more on that later).  Sadly, this was the last time that we ever saw our large green lunchbag – shown being bumped off the bench by Daelynn.  Lori still rues the losing of it, as it was really handy.

picture of family at picnic table by the ocean
Lunchtime in northern California

I should probably make up some tag to include with each Rett picture where he is making faces.  Let me know if you come up with any good ideas for it.

Hurrah for Aunt Marta, as she has provided a whole bunch of additional pictures from the Dunebuggy day back in September 2004, including a couple of them with me in it (that’s not so much the hurrah part – as seeing some pics of it that I haven’t seen before).  So, here they are, along with a couple of interspersed remembrances.

picture of Danaya in dune buggy
Driving Lesson...

I had noticed this in one of the pictures earlier, but it wasn’t as obvious as it is in this one.  Danaya was a little too short to reach the gas and brake pedals, so the people who rented us the dune buggy also provided a thick piece of foam, which Danaya had behind her back.  This allowed her to operate the dune buggy reasonably comfortably.

picture of Danaya shielding eyes
Danaya driving, Dad on foot
picture of Danaya in dune buggy out on the dunes
Danaya on the dunes

From the parking lot, there was a sanded ramp up to the dunes (and on the way back, down from the sand dunes).  On the first run that Danaya and I did (I think the runs out onto the dunes and all the way to the beach probably lasted about 30 minutes or so), we were on our way back.  At the bottom of the ramp is a stop sign, where the ramp intersects with the road leading to the parking lot.   I was in the lead, and obediently stopped.  Danaya zoomed right by me out into the parking lot, being blissfully unaware of the stop sign.  Thankfully there wasn’t any traffic going by at the same time.

picture of Rett in dune buggy on beach
Rett on the beach
picture of Rett making faces
Rett on the beach, making faces
Ben on a quad
Ben going too fast for road conditions
picture of Lori in dune buggy
Lori's turn (at the end of the day)
picture of Dad and Daelynn on quad
Daelynn gets a (short) ride
picture of Dad and Mikaela on quad
Mikaela gets a parking lot ride
picture of Huber family after dunebuggy day
End of day, getting ready to shut down

Other recollections?  It was a really fun day.