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We are usually in way too much of a hurry to stop at Multnomah Falls on our trips down the Columbia River Gorge from Oregon to Alberta.

Thursday was no exception–but we stopped anyway…long enough to get the selfies to prove we were there and get our feet cooled in the creek.





First off, here are some pictures that Lori took in Oregon (most of them at the beach). Lori and the kids left the beach after a week today (Sunday, August 3rd) and headed back inland to Newberg. They have three or four days there before embarking for Calgary.

Picture of kids in a hotel swimming pool
Swimming at the Travelodge Pool in Newberg

Picture of people on Oregon beach at sunset
On the beach at sunset

Picture of Davison on the beach
Davison on the beach

Picture of kids on beach at sunset
Fun on the beach at sunset

Picture of stones found on the beach
Heidi’s beach treasures

Picture of lovely lady taking a picture of a beach sunset
Danaya enjoying the beach sunset

Along with the pictures, I wanted to recount an interesting talk that I had with one of my co-employees on the field trip covered in the last post. I was talking to a young Oriental gal who had just started work at Seitel within the past couple of years. She grew up as the only child in her family. When she found out that we had six kids (sorry Danaya, you’ve probably outgrown that moniker), she paused for a few seconds and then said something to the effect of “Wow, in your house every day is a party”.

As previously mentioned (and currently being experienced), Lori and the kids are in Oregon for a couple of weeks, while Dad is back at work living out of a cheap hotel. Lori sent me a bunch of pictures of the goings-on so I thought that I would post them here – with my best guesses about what is going on in the pictures. Those of you in the know can chime in and set me straight.

First up the pictures that were dated July 26th, which incidentally was Davison’s 8th birthday. I know that they visited a lavender farm and picked lavender, went to the county fair in Newberg, and some of the party went swimming. Here we go with the pictures:

The expedition to the lavender farm
The expedition to the lavender farm

The whole lavender-pickin' team!
The whole lavender-pickin’ team!

Auntie Marta and Brock discuss the economics of growing lavender.
Auntie Marta and Brock discuss the economics of growing lavender.

Brock goes crazy picking Lavender
Brock goes crazy picking Lavender
Davison and Brock with one of Davison's birthday presents in the background
Davison and Brock with one of Davison’s birthday presents in the background

Fun at the Newberg Fair
Fun at the Newberg Fair

Swamp water rules!
Swamp water rules!

Swimming at the hotel in Newberg
Swimming at the hotel in Newberg

It looks like fun was had by all.

One big dog facing right.
One little dog facing left.

Now, it is night.
It is not a time for play.
Now is the time for all dogs to go to sleep.

Sleep, dogs, sleep.
It is night, now.

Two dogs,
in a small apartment,
At night,

(Thanks, Dr. Seuss, for all the wonderful stories.)


Auntie Marta and Bailey, her dog, arrived yesterday. Oliver, Mom’s dog, could hardly contain his excitement in his quivering little body.

When Marta headed back out to the car to haul in more stuff, the two dogs watched anxiously, presumably making sure she didn’t suddenly decide to leave without them:


I wanted to capture the moment on camera.

picture of our Chevy Traverse
the Traverse in Lincoln City, Oregon

Early this morning, Lori, Layne and Danaya left for Oregon. We’re thinking that they will be back late next week (in time for Davison’s birthday party – his birthday is on Thursday the 26th, but we’re hoping to have a big birthday party for him on Sunday, July 29th).

They drove our Traverse which needed some last minute mechanical work before hitting the road. (Many thanks to our mechanics for fitting us into their busy schedule and getting the front struts replaced. Three cheers for Auto Experts!) In fact, as I write this, they (Lori, Layne and Danaya – not the mechanics) are probably cruising down the Columbia River gorge – with their destination within striking distance. The primary purpose of the trip is to spend time with Lori’s Mom (Grandma Dana) and sister (Auntie Marta). Layne will likely be continuing on to Bandon, and be spending most of his time there at the coast with friends.

The pictures that I’m posting are from our Oregon trip last year (actually one of the trips, but in this one Lori took the Traverse and some of the girls down to spend time with her sister, Aimee, who was dying of cancer). Me (Ben), Danaya, and the two young boys followed a couple of weeks later in my old Honda Accord (which alas, is no more), and we came back together.

picture of Lori opening the back door of the traverse
the lovely Lori

Daelynn is taking the lead here are home in looking after the younger kids, while Rett and I are at work. One day in, she’s doing a fabulous job. Many thanks to Lori for helping Daelynn prep some meals for the time when they are gone.

I’m hoping to entice Lori to take pictures and write some hubcrate posts while she is down there. So, Grandma Dana, Auntie Marta, and Danaya – start bugging her about posting some content here – I’m pretty sure she has all of the tools with her. Actually, it would be fun for Layne to post some stuff as well…

Final picture coming up – these pictures were all taken last July in Lincoln City, Oregon on our way up the coast heading home, but they are road trips pictures so I thought it would be fun to share them.

picture of Heidi with telescope
Heidi looks for something